By Pamela Chan, Contributor

An opportunity to review a bag favoured by two actors’ famous daughter intrigued me.  I couldn’t imagine what the bag looked like but knew that if it is popular amongst young Hollywood actors there would be a good chance that my fashionista five year old would like it too.

In the Package

We received the Pink Silk Floral Bag in a padded envelope.  It came out of the bag carefully folded in ready to wear condition, with no unpleasant creases.   The 65% polyester/35% cotton and tulle fabric is substantial in weight and the stitching and finishing is carefully thought out, achieving a high quality product.  The bottom of the bag has an insert enclosed between the fabric that reinforces the shape for heavier contents.  The 7″ shoulder drop on the straps makes them long enough to accommodate a younger teen.  A full grown teen would find the strap to be a snugger fit but not impossible to wear.  Five plumeria flowers are attached to the top of the bag and a double bow is attached to the middle.  The inside of the bag fans out towards the bottom as the shape of the bag stretches over the oval bottom. When you hold the bag in the air, the tulle spreads out so that the bag looks like a full tutu.

First Impressions

As soon as my daughter saw the bag, she was entranced.  She wanted to wear it around the house and decided to take it with her to a class that she had in the afternoon.  At her class she received compliments from women, girls and even a male about her bag.  She walked around proudly with her bag and held it carefully in the car.  At home she decided to drape it over the back of her desk chair in her room when she is not using it.  This way the bag becomes a pretty decorative piece that she can see every day. My daughter has just started ballet class for the first time, so it is a perfect compliment to her visits to ballet class.

For a girl who is perhaps a little too small to carry the bag, it could be purchased early and decorate a room until she is ready to carry it.  Very young girls who are still putting items in their mouth wouldn’t be good candidates for an early purchase as there are pieces in the plumeria that could be bitten off.

Use of the Bag

This bag does not have a zipper on the top; however, it is a deep bag that is meant to be worn under the arms so the contents shouldn’t fall out.  One of the eight bag designs currently available is a backpack that comes in all pink. If the bag gets dirty, it will need to be dry cleaned.  Girls who want to tote it around in a way that might attract smudges, could consider buying one of the bags that doesn’t incorporate light pink.

Colour Themes

There are three main colour themes available:

* light pink

* light pink and black fuschia (dark pink)

Across these three colour themes there are eight designs:

This bag makes a bold statement with the use of tulle, decorative details, colour, a distinctive shape and size.  For girls who enjoy fancy dress, ballet and dance, light and dark pink fashion and pretty objects, it would be an appealing purchase or gift.  Each design has its own unique look so careful consideration is needed before making a selection.  On the Culver Cutie website (see links above) they have provided photographs of girls – including actors – holding the bags in different colours to give a feel for how the bags look when they are worn.


As a fashion statement and conversation piece, this bag can be used about town or while attending a party or going to a special event.  It would make a lovely purchase for a girl who could grow up with the bag and use it at different ages, while at the same time being a pretty decoration in her bedroom.  If you’re noticing a burst of prettiness in the photos in this review, the bag really is that lovely when you see it in person.


Culver Cutie Website

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Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own. Special thanks to Rachel Florio-Urso,  Celebrity Baby Trend Expert for providing the product sample!