Make Any Chair Into A Highchair With Bambinoz Portachair

Summer and fall are birthday party season in our family–nearly everyone has a birthday between July and November, so there were a lot of family dinners parties. We had the chance to review a Bambinoz Portachair and brought it along to some of those celebrations.

The Portachair is a cloth seat that straps onto a regular chair to turn it into a secure seat for a baby or toddler. Unlike many of the other portable baby seats out there, the Bambinoz Portachair is very compact and easy to stuff in diaper bag because it’s foldable fabric.

It’s easy to clean, made of machine washable materials: cotton with polyester lining and nylon straps. Bambinoz offers four different colours and prints that use eco-friendly AZO dye, and is phthalate and formaldehyde-free.


The Portachair has a five-point fully adjustable harness supports babies from five months up to two and a half. The versatile design fits many different kinds of chairs–watch the video on the Bambinoz website for an alternative setup for using the Portachair with very high-backed chairs. It seems a little complicated to set up the first time, but it gets easier with practice. Try it at home before you go out to a restaurant or family event so you know what you’re doing when you’ve got a hungry baby on your hands.

The only major disadvantage with the Bambinoz Portachair, which was the seat height. The child sits on the chair seat, which means they may not be able to see above the table to eat on their own. We solved this issue by placing a plastic container under my daughter to raise her up enough to eat from the table.

The Bambinoz Portachair is great for going out to restaurants. Even if they have high chairs, they’re sometimes broken or not very clean. It saves a little stress to bring your own. We liked using the Portachair for dinner at friends’ or family’s home. Some of my relatives have a spare high chair or booster around for little visitors, but not everyone, so this is really handy. It would be useful for travelling–when suitcase or trunk space is at a premium, this soft seat is easy to stuff in anywhere.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own. Special thanks to Rachel Florio-Urso,  Celebrity Baby Trend Expert for providing the product sample! 

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Lisa Corriveau lives in East Vancouver with her husband, son & daughter in a 1940s bungalow. Her blog, Spokesmama, chronicles their life with two little kids, living car-free, getting around on bikes, walking, transit & with the occasional car share vehicle. Lisa also blogs about green living, parenting, DIY projects & she loves to share what’s going on in her neighbourhood.

14 responses to “Make Any Chair Into A Highchair With Bambinoz Portachair”

  1. This is a super invention, it looks very safe too. Saves having to cart a booster seat/high chair with you where ever you go too.

  2. I like how easy this looks to use and how secure the baby llooks too. I am ipressed by this because whle visiting not everyone would have a high chair handy and this solves the problem without a huge bulky thing to carry around.

  3. This does seem great to take with you anywhere. A lot of the times high chairs at restaurants are not the cleanest so I always liked the idea of being able to bring your own!

  4. I would certainly try this, im sure its great for travelling

  5. We’re a bit late in the game to use one of these, but I would have totally gotten one, maybe even two (ya never know). I’m not a big fan of high chairs as they take up a lot of floor space and some take forever to clean properly, but maybe that’s just me and I’m picky that way. As of now, my girl has almost outgrown our space saver chair. It’s fairly easy to travel with, however THIS is a lot more convenient!!

    Possible shower gift 🙂

  6. Wow,what a great invention it would be perfect for travelling…

  7. This is awesome to keep in the car for trips to restaurants and friends houses.

  8. This is such a smart idea!

  9. I really like this review of the Bambinoz Portachair by Lisa Corriveau. I think this Portachair is the answer to many Mothers who travel to their relatives, restaurants, or anywhere else where they may be planning on feeding their child. We have waited a long time for a useful and convenient ‘carry-about’ seat for our babies and toddlers. Thank you for this information.

  10. I had something similar when mine were babies, and they are the best!

  11. What a much better way then lugging a high chair around

  12. Looks like a super handy chair!

  13. What a handy chair for travelling

  14. So much easier than taking along a high chair

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