SuncoatGirl: Canadian Made Water-Based Nail Polish For Kids

I’m the typical girlie girl that never goes without nail polish. I’m also raising two rather girlie girls so the opportunity to have some SuncoatGirl Non-Toxic Nail Polish sent for my girls to try out was exciting for all of us.

This nail polish is perfect for busy little ones that want their nails done, but have trouble sitting still for traditional nail polish as it dries quite quickly. If you have tried to paint little ones finger nails or toe nails, you know that this is an important feature.

SuncoatGirl nail polish is non-toxic, 100% VOC free;  it has no toluene, no formaldehyde, alcohol, etc. It is completely safe for your little ones. As a mom I didn’t want to put nail polish on little fingers (or toes) because they would end up in their mouth, with these you don’t have to worry about the chemicals. These don’t even have dyes which can be a concern with allergies and sensitivities, instead they use mineral-based pigments.

The nail polish  goes on easily, and comes off just as easily, as it peels off. It may need a little help to peel off, but nothing that a warm bath won’t take care of. Don’t worry about it coming off too quickly though, unless your child is going to be digging in the dirt as mine do at times, because it does stay on for up to a week.

These come in 24 fun and vibrate colors, with shimmer and glitter too. There is something guaranteed to match the taste of everyone. You also can find some gift sets too that would be great for treating your little one to a Mini Mani or a Party Palette.

A 9ml bottle of SuncoatGirl polish is $7.99 and a Mini Mani set with multiple colours is available for $14.

Disclosure: I was gifted product for review consideration, this is however not a paid post and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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9 responses to “SuncoatGirl: Canadian Made Water-Based Nail Polish For Kids”

  1. made in Canada, water based, YES! Love the color selection!

  2. Love these, thanks for your review!

  3. This is so fun that they have so many colours to pick from, I like that it will last longer than a day too, I have tried kid friendly nail polishes before and they peel off the first day or go on so watery that you can’t even see the polish, I will have to try these ones out on my granddaughter!!

  4. What a nifty idea. I’ll be on the look-out for this one. Thanks.

  5. a great stocking stuffer idea for my girl!

  6. I love that these nail polishes are water based and no added chemicals. My daughters are still to young for this but will keep in mind for when they are a bit older 🙂

  7. Love how it’s safer than usual nail polish I will have to get some

  8. These nail polishes sound amazing. I love that it is much safer without the bad chemicals.

  9. These nail polishes would make a great gift to my little cousins.

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