Tooth Fairy Kit {Review}

tooth fairy

The Tooth Fairy is something I was a tad nervous about. As a new parent there are so many things to keep track of. From Santa and the Easter Bunny to the Tooth Fairy and imaginary friends, you don’t want to make a mistake on any of these special traditions. After all, part of the magic of childhood starts with all these wonderful traditions.

Well, the Tooth Fairy was something I wasn’t really sure about. I was an insanely skeptical child. I left notes taped to my windows to test the Tooth Fairy and didn’t tell my parents. Needless to say, I figured out the secret of the Tooth Fairy pretty early. I’m hoping to have the magic last a little longer with my kiddos.

tooth fairy

My big question was…..what do you do with the teeth?? Do you keep them? Toss them? It’s kinda of a creepy subject if you think about it. Thankfully the Complete Tooth Fairy Kit answers all these questions and saves me from myself. This kit comes with an adorable bag to put your child’s tooth so it doesn’t get lost under the pillow. It also comes with a super cute keepsake. It has a place to write down the dates each tooth was lost and a container to keep the teeth (nice and cute and organized….much better than a box of teeth somewhere lol). It also comes with a scroll to write a letter to the Tooth Fairy when your child loses their first tooth. They’ve thought of everything! Even the sign for the door so the Tooth Fairy doesn’t “forget” to stop by.

tooth fairy

My oldest isn’t too far off from losing his first tooth. I’m really excited that I have an adorable keepsake that I can use to preserve these memories. You can find out more about this kit and get your very own at The kit comes in pink or blue so you can customize it for your child. The individual pieces of the kit can be purchased separately. This is great in case you need an extra pouch or lose any piece. The kits are also available in some Hallmark stores in the United States and Canada. This is such an adorable idea and would make a great gift for anyone with younger children.

Disclosure: I was given this product to facilitate my review. All opinions are one hundred percent my own.

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Kira Thompson is a working mother of two from Massachusetts. She loves spending time with her family and writes about family and finding time for herself on her blog Mommy Makes Time.

10 responses to “Tooth Fairy Kit {Review}”

  1. Funny, never thought about what I would do with their teeth….great idea!

  2. not too sure how I feel about this….seems like a great idea, and the book is cute, but…..

    I’ve kept my boys teeth in a closed, covered container but I can’t ever picture opening it. Pointless for me anyway.

  3. I love this kit,I saved my kids teeth for awhile then just ending up tossing them

  4. We usually keep them but always end up tossing them eventually. I think this Tooth Fairy kit is pretty neat!

  5. I like this way better then my current way of keeping my children’s teeth, Right now I have all of my children’s teeth in an old pill bottle all mixed together. I have no idea what teeth belong to what child!

  6. That’s a nice way of keeping their baby teeth in one place, better than putting it in a bag 😛

  7. This is such a cute idea!!!!!

  8. This would be so cute for my granddaughter,it will be a long time though before she loses any teeth

  9. This would be really cute to fill!

  10. What an ideal and cute way for saving a child’s teeth. I had a little treasure chest way back when but the kids didn’t want theirs when I moved so out they went 🙁

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