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My husband loves coffee and can’t go without his morning caffeine for a day.  On the other hand I don’t drink caffeinated coffee. When my husband makes his coffee in the mornings I usually end up drinking tea instead because he uses the coffee maker for his regular coffee.  I hate brewing my decaf right after he uses the coffee maker because the filter is still boiling hot and I have burnt myself a few times switching it to make my decaf.

After using the Keurig Special Edition Brewing System for a while I must say I love having the freedom to make just one cup of what you want without brewing an entire pot of it and having the rest go to waste. Plus we can now make our breakfast coffee’s for breakfast just like we want them in seconds.  No more burning myself trying to switch filters to get  a cup of decaf.

Their Special Edition Brewing System also comes with a variety K-cup pack that contains a selection of their beverages.  I loved that because before purchasing the big packs you get to actually try them all and pick your favorites. Nothing worse than buying a big pack of something you have never tried before to find that you hate the taste.

I love the simplicity of their brewing system. You just need to add water to the reservoir, pick your K-cup and place it in the machine then with the touch of a button and under a minute you will get a hot cup of coffee, tea, cocoa or ice beverage. Perfect every time!

I found the machine specially useful when having people over.  I had a group of friends that came over and when I offered something to drink they all wanted something different. Someone wanted regular coffee, the other decaf, my husband wanted tea and I was in the mood for hot cocoa!  It took me less than 6 minutes to get all the drinks ready and everyone got what they wanted!

One of the “hot topics” with regards to the Keurig system is disposing of the K-cups. The first thing I did when I received the machine and tried the first beverage was ask, is each cup recyclable?  It was pretty disappointing when I heard they are not recyclable. I really REALLY wish they were! After checking their site I saw they are working hard to make it recyclable and you can read all about the specific reasons why it is not as easy as you may think here.  I am hoping they find a way soon but for now I found the solution by purchasing their reusable coffee filter. I am able to enjoy the convenience of a simple cup and the short time it takes to make it but I also get to produce less waste by not having to dispose of the K-cups each time.

In general I had a great experience with the machine and it has definitively been an upgrade from our old coffee maker. It looks great on our counter and it is so easy to use! Now let’s get those recyclable cups happening and it would be the perfect machine!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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6 responses to “Keurig Special Edition Brewing System Feature”

  1. This sounds perfect for making hot chocolate in the wintertime…the easy way. I make homemade hot cocoa and it is time-consuming. I would love to be able to make them quickly especially after the family comes home after a cold day outside.

  2. Reusable coffee filter is the way to go, the K-cups are definitely not a good idea. I wonder if by now they have in fact made them recyclable.

  3. I have a machine like this and I bought one for my mother. We both love it.

  4. My son-in-law has something like this, not sure if it’s the same one but it does use pods.

  5. I was never one for the single use machines, I felt the coffee was way to strong for me, well my husbands Tassimo broke so I thought I would get the Keurig for him to try, well I bought a variety of pods and tried it myself and I am in love, I wished I had the keurig before now!

  6. This would definitely be an upgrade for our home too. I love the idea of being able to have a different flavour if I want.

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