Sundance Channel: The Mortified Sessions – with Lea Thompson {Mon 8pm ET}

Sundance Channel’s newest offering, The Mortified Sessions, is a show in which celebrities share their most embarrassing stories from before they were famous. From awkward childhood photos to profane diary entries, celebrities will take a trip down memory lane with a shoebox full of humiliating artifacts.

Viewers will likely find that they share many of the same experiences as the guest stars recount their emotional journeys from awkwardness to fame.

Each 30-minute episode will follow host David Nadelberg as he guides celebrities through their shoebox in an attempt to expose stories that they’ve never shared before!

The Mortified Sessions will air every Monday starting at 8PM ET on Sundance Channel. With the talented Back to the Future actress Lea Thompson and The Breakfast Club actor Anthony Michael Hall in the lineup, this is one episode you have to see!

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Here is a promo clip from the show:

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  1. If I had cable, this would be my new guilty pleasure.

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  3. I am going to llok this up sometime,i have never once ever came across the only here

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