How to Get Soft, Holiday Ready Legs in Minutes

The holiday season, one of the busiest times of year is coming up, and soon you’ll be invited to family and friends get-togethers, Christmas parties and other social soirées.

If you are thinking about wearing a cute dress to your next party or social event then keep reading. With the following tips, you will have smooth holiday ready legs in a few easy steps!

  • Step one, Exfoliate: Before shaving, exfoliate your skin by using a  moisture-rich scrub to buff away any dead skin particles.


  • Step two, Use Moisturizing Shaving Gel: Lather on moisturizing shaving gel like the Skintimate® Skin Therapy Moisturizing Shave Gel. Formulated with a luxurious Moroccan Oil blended with Vitamin E, Olive Butter and Sunflower Seed Oil leaving skin feeling soft and silky.


  • Step three, Shave: Use a moisture-rich razor like the Schick Quattro YOU for sensitive skin for a close shave that provides silky smooth results. For tricky spots like your knees, bend slightly to pull the skin tight before shaving. For the bikini area, shave horizontally, from the outside to the inside of the upper thigh and groin area, using smooth even strokes. If you are in a hurry, we love the Schick® Intuition® Island Berry. Using a Schick® Intuition® razor can help you simplify your routine by shaving in one easy step, saving time and skipping the shaving cream.


  • Step four, Moisturize: Finish by applying your favourite moisturizer cream thirty minutes after shaving to replenish and hydrate your skin long into your night of holiday fun.

razor shaving legs

You are party ready now! Stay smooth this holiday season and keep your skin moisturized and soft.

Now share your own secrets. How do you keep your legs soft and dress ready during the colder months?

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Schick. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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9 responses to “How to Get Soft, Holiday Ready Legs in Minutes”

  1. Love those products. They make my legs feel smooth.

  2. Very good tips for the baby soft legs.

  3. These are all great tips, but for me right now it’s pant weather and no need to shave as often

  4. I use Jergens moisturiser for wet skin (with Argan oil) when I’ve finished and that too makes for smooth and hydrated skin.

  5. I am a huge fan of Schick Intuition. Their razors are the only ones that i use.

  6. Never thought to exfoliate my legs before shaving them! Thank you for the tip, I will try it next time!!

  7. Im trying to keep up on the shaving. im better if I shower in the evening because its warmer. In the morning Id skip it.

  8. Yes, great article 🙂

  9. I find exfoliating helps so much! Thank you for the tips 🙂 Merry Christmas!

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