As a mommy blogger I try to carry my laptop with me when I go out but it really is difficult to do when I have multiple bags to carry and of course when I am going out with my son.  I usually have a purse and a diaper bag and adding my laptop bag it just gets too complicated to deal with. 
So when I connected with Devyn Bag and received one of their bags for review I was thrilled! I finally found an all in one bag that allows me to safely carry my laptop with me when out with my son!

The Devyn Bag is super stylish and chic yet functional as well.  I can use it as a diaper bag, purse and laptop bag all in one. No need to have separate bags anymore.  It is specially great for traveling, I mean who wants to deal with extra bags when going through security or getting on a plane/train?

My favorite Devyn Bag Features:

– The bag is vinyl free, lead free and PVC free
– It has many pockets.  It also has three specific compartments: hot/cold, laptop, purse.
– It is waterproof and that is a must have in a city like Vancouver
-It has a velcro closure flat and that is a must when you want to find things quickly in the bag and for one hand use
-It comes with an ice pack with a protective plastic enclosure to keep items cool for up to 12 hours. Great for keeping milk bottles and food.

I really love the bag’s design and its size and I find that I am able to carry my laptop with me almost anywhere we go.  This is the first diaper bag I have seen with an specific separated compartment for my laptop and I love it.

Buy it: You can purchase The Devyn Bag on their website here and now for a limited time only Devyn Bag is giving all of my amazing readers a $15 off discount  towards the purchase of their multifunctional bag! Be sure to take advantage of it!