crazy forts

My children and I joke that I’m the worst fort maker. While some parents have the ability to turn some bedsheets and sofa cushions into a castle, my forts end up looking like nothing more than a gigantic mess.

When we decided to turn our walk-in closet into a reading nook, I was determined to find something that would provide a cozy spot for everyone to enjoy. Enter Crazy Forts! I was immediately drawn to their kits because they afforded a comfortable space that we weren’t stuck with; a rocket one day, a simple house the next – the kids get to use the imaginations they’re fueling in their reading nook!

Crazy Forts

We received our glow in the dark kit, and thankfully I didn’t skip the instructions (don’t skip the instructions!) because there’s a bit of specificity involved. This is the biggest drawback, while my children easily understood that the arrows on the connector balls needed to point upwards, they infrequently remembered to double check this when they built on their own. This led to a lot of unstable forts and a distressed bunch of littles. This seemed easily avoidable by building together, but then they felt incapable and hindered by my constant reminders to check the arrows. Additionally, the instructions are tough for them to understand (after the first reading, we ditched them), and the letters are not clearly labeled inside the ball holes, making them very difficult to discern. I also wish there was a storage bag, but that’s a minor complaint.

Otherwise, I have enjoyed building with the Crazy Forts and watching my children’s creative endeavors take shape; my sons have used the kit to make umbrellas, and have handed me bouquets of large, spiky flowers on top of their fort creations. It has provided countless hours of laughter, distraction, and family time and for me that’s always a positive. When put together properly, the forts are stable enough to hold a light sheet and can withstand the beatings of my 9 month old – the sticks are hollow, and look like they might bend and snap easily, but have not done so yet. The kit comes with 69 pieces, which is enough for the smaller forts and to be creative with, but you’ll definitely need to purchase a second kit to go wild and if you frequently host groups of 3 or more children (which is my house on a daily basis). We fully intend on investing in some Crazy Forts lights so we can still read and mostly enjoy the glow in the dark aspect.

Crazy forts

For most of my small army, Crazy Forts is a huge hit.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own. Special thanks to Rachel Florio-Urso,  Celebrity Baby Trend Expert for providing the product sample! 

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