Mattel has selected 28 toys that cover all the children on your list from ages 112, and created an online destination for these Holiday Toys at On their list of toys you will find the Fisher-Price Little People City Skyway. If you have a toddler who is all about cars and you are trying to find that kiddo the perfect gift, look no further.


The City Skyway is a fun ramp way tower that lets cars go speeding down, and you just never know which ramp the car will come racing off from. It stands at 3 feet tall, and instantly grabs the attention of toddlers with its bright colours, and the cars don’t hurt either. I have yet to meet a kid who doesn’t love cars. My daughter went right to this when she saw it set up in our living room. It comes with two cars in the box, and she grabbed them right away to send them down from the very top of the Skyway. There is one entry point, and three exits to the Skyway. Kids can either let them come down randomly, or if they can change the switches so that the cars come down the ramp they want them to.

As a parent I also appreciate that the only noise from this toy is from the cars going down the tracks, and coming off the ramps. This does not have flashing lights, or music playing constantly. It’s not needed for this.There is a crane, a gas pump, traffic signal that spins, parking meter, and gate that opens and closes. Which means there is plenty for kids to discover as they play with this, and provides opportunity for a lot of creative play fueled by their imagination. The cars that come with this have a little hole for pretending to fill up the car at the gas pump! While your kid may not know it, but this toy will have them working on their fine motor skills, and hand eye coordination as they place the cars on the ramp, and are opening and closing the gate.

little people ramp

It does look a bit intimidating when you pull all the pieces out of the box, but it only took my husband just over 20 minutes to get it put together. It’s easy to set up, and it is held together by several screws. Our big suggestion to all parents, is that if this will be a gift for your child this holiday season is for you to open it up ahead of time, and get it all set up. Wrap the empty box, or leave the two cars inside it, and set the actual City Skyway somewhere for you to pull out once your child has opened it. That way on Christmas morning you are not worrying about trying to find a screw driver, and working on figuring out instructions. It is all set up and ready to go for your kid to send cars zipping, and zooming down all the ramps. There are also more Little People Wheelies cars available that work with the Skyway, and they would make the perfect stocking stuffers, and subtle hint to your little ones as to what their gift may be.

My daughter runs to this toy every morning, and throughout the day. It has become an instant favourite in our home. Even the little details on this were not missed by her, she discovered the little things molded into the sidewalk of the base right away. I definitely recommend this as a great gift this holiday season. Even the “big kids” are going to want to send the cars racing down the Skyway.

little people ramp

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