Recently our five-year-old has been all about doing things on her own. When it comes to falling asleep though, she’d still rather snuggle down with mommy. So when she saw the new Dream Buddies Sheep, she felt it would be the perfect thing to make her feel more comfortable at night. We agreed too.

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The stuffy itself is quite small and snuggly. It projects a little starry nigt scene on the roof in three relaxing colours: amber, green and blue. She’s been using a projector for some time, but I had a few issues with it that the Dream Buddies Sheep has thankfully solved. First, it was very loud and made a creaking sound. Second, it plugged in and as such, had to sit on a table across the room. Lastly, it didn’t have a timer, so you ended up exposing your wee one to light all night.

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The Dream Buddies Sheep solved all three of these issues.

First, it’s totally silent and uses 2 AA batteries (no wires!). It also automatically shuts off after 45 minutes (when they enter into deep sleep) so that there’s no all night light pollution interrupting proper shut eye. And if she needs to turn it back on in the middle of the night, she can easily flip the switch herself.

The icing on the cake is how well this little guy travels. We overnight in hotels a lot for my work and keeping the consistency of night time rituals is important. We no longer need to move a table to the foot of the bed to plug her old school projector in… and she can even snuggle with the sheep in the car on route!

The Dream Buddies Sheep is available for $29.99 CDN at Cloud b. Be sure to visit their site for more details!


Cuddly companion projects a starry night sky

  • Eases fear of the dark
  • Projects an actual star constellation, the Big Dipper

Perfect for on the go

    • Compact seven-inch size is ideal for taking anywhere and everywhere
    • Helps to ease bedtime anxiety in an unfamiliar environment

Light timer and features

      • 45 minute timer ensures complete darkness during child’s deep sleep, as recommended by pediatricians
      • Projects in three calming colors: blue, green and amber, and the option to cycle through all three colors automatically
      • 2 AAA batteries included

Disclosure: I was gifted product for review consideration, this is however not a paid post and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.