Smooshins Characters {Stocking Stuffer Ideas}

Have you heard of these little guys? I’m new to the Smooshins world, and the make your own little character world too, but boy are these cute! Who doesn’t want to make their own toys that they can play with and share later? My kids love to share everything they do.

Smooshins Characters {Stocking Stuffer Ideas}

These are relatively simple to make, pop the color pouch open, squeeze it into the surprise maker, let your character grow inside, and reveal which character you created.  Your character may not fully form, but that just makes them all that more unique to you. So you may need to help your child when popping the color, as that part can be a little tricky for them.

Our only problem with the whole process was the waiting game. You need to leave the color to sit in the mold for a long time, overnight before opening it. You can open it after four hours, but it is recommended to wait over. We did them in the evening before bed to cut-down on the “is it ready yet” question game. It made an excellent way to spend some quiet time together.

Smooshins Characters {Stocking Stuffer Ideas}

While the original Smooshins Surprise Maker Kit comes with everything, you need to get started and make two different characters with surprise accessories. You can buy color pouch refills and surprise character mold refills so that you can start a great collection. You can make over 10,000 different character combinations.  Different accessories are included in the refill pack.

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  1. These are so very cute! My little cousins would love them.

  2. This is a fabulous stocking stuffer idea! I know both of my girls especially my oldest would love to find this in their stocking. I just learned about these smooshins recently 🙂

  3. My granddaughters would no doubt love these, the smaller the better it seems these days. Good grief, over 10,000 combinations to collect!

  4. I have never heard of Smooshins before, they are very cute.

  5. Seen these on a commercial and they are pretty neat, my granddaughters would love to have these under the tree!!

  6. I do like this idea and kids would love this I’m sure.

  7. My girls would love the element of surprise as well as the cuteness that these dolls offer.

  8. I love that these toys provide anticipation for the kids – that makes them so fun!!!

  9. My little daughter is so interested in Smooshins! She has them on her Christmas list this year 🙂

  10. Cute ideas, I think these would make nice gifts for my cousins.

  11. This is a new neat lil toy that I had never heard of before thank you for the info

  12. My grandsons would love these.

  13. I have never hear of these Smooshins Surprise things… are they like a jelly or something?

  14. Never heard of these, but then again, I have boys. I will have to see if my niece would like these. Thanks for the recommendation.

  15. How adorbs! These do look very Kawaii.

  16. Definitely something my granddaughters would love, not too sure about my grandsons though.

  17. Kids love surprises. I remember as a kid we used to get ‘Lucky Bags’ which had some small cheap toy and varying candy inside with perhaps a tiny puzzle or something. We loved them although later we realised that they were a complete waste of money, lol.

  18. I am giving my daughter a Smooshins set for Christmas and am so excited for her to enjoy it!

  19. My daughter loves these. We are thinking they will make perfect stocking stuffers.

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