My kids have been begging for a puppy and even though we have a dog, he’s not a puppy. Thankfully we have one now, this adorable Tekno Newborn Puppy. How cute is this newborn little puppy? There is nothing sweeter than babies, whether that is a human baby or baby animals.

These little puppies, and kitties, are bringing the cute to everyone, especially kids.

Tekno puppies have been around for quite a while, since they released their first puppy in 1999. They now have improved them, and are introducing the Tekno Newborn puppies and kittens. They come in 6 different colours including blue, pink, purple, teal, special edition Dalmatian, as well as a Toys “R” Us exclusive all-black puppy, so you don’t have to worry about your kids fighting over who’s is who’s, as long as you don’t get them the same one.

There are new features with the newest addition of this family, including the ability for your Tekno Newborn to jump into your arms like a real puppy or kitten! These newborn pets are light, sound, and touch sensitive and respond to various commands and prompts for tons of fun play time!

  • Loves to play just like 8-week old puppies and kitties!
  • Walks, sits, begs, AND jumps into your hand on command!
  • Program your puppy or kitty to sing!
  • Wiggles tail and ears!
  • Expressive eyes!
  • Interacts with you and other Tekno pets!

We’re loving that these little guys (or gals!) are small and super light, even the smallest person can have some fun with these without being overwhelmed in carrying them. Plus they are the perfect size for taking places, whether it be on vacation or a sleepover at a friends house.

MSRP: $24.99
Available at: Toys “R” Us, Canadian Tire, Walmart, London Drugs, Loblaws.

Disclosure: I was gifted product for review consideration, this is however not a paid post and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.