Can you believe that Spring break is finally here?  On Saturday, March 20th, the Spring season will officially start. I have already seen flowers blooming all around and the fresh spring air is upon us.

With Spring here, it is inevitable to think about Spring Cleaning. And although it may seem like a daunting task, I promise you that it can be manageable and you may end up enjoying it. No need to break your back and end up with a sore neck for weeks after.

My approach is to focus on one room/area at a time, breaking down the larger tasks into smaller projects to make them less intimidating.

Some people go all out and do their Spring Cleaning on a weekend, taking the entire weekend to clean. I like to break things down and do a little bit each day.

Easy Room by Room Spring Cleaning List

I am breaking down and listing smaller tasks that are easy to accomplish each day. One task per day. Before you know it, your entire home will be fresh, clean, and ready, with minimal intense effort. Easy, peasy! 

O.k. Let’s get started.

 The Kitchen.

  • Day 1: Clean your fridge – Empty the fridge and clean all shelves, including the freezer (defrost the freezer for a deeper clean). 
  • Day 2: Clean your oven – Clean the inside of the oven, wipe down any food residue, scrub the stovetop. Wipe all appliances, coffee maker, toaster, kettle. Empty the crumb tray from your toaster oven.
  • Day 3: Go through your cabinets and sort your food to get rid of expired items. Wipe down shelves before organizing items back into the cabinets/shelves.

The Bedrooms.

  • Day 4:  Go through your closet, organize your clothes, donate clothes you no longer wear/fit.
  • Day 5:  Wash all your bedding, pillows, duvet covers, and rotate your mattress. Move your bed and vacuum behind it/underneath it.

The Bathrooms.

  • Day 6: Go through all your toiletries and medicines and check expiry dates. Get rid of expired items or things you don’t use anymore.
  • Day 7: Give your bathroom a deep clean, scrubbing the shower, bathtub, shower glass/curtain, toilet, and behind and around the toilet.

Living Room.

  • Day 8: Remove all cushions and pillows from your furniture, vacuum all the corners. Wash any coverings if possible. Vacuum all carpets.  

The Laundry Room.

  • Day 9: Clean behind your washer and dryer machines. Clean the lint traps in your dryer and washer (use a vacuum if possible).

All areas in the home:

  • Day 10: Focus on dusting. Dust your light fixtures, ceiling fans, window blinds. Vacuum all corners, baseboards, shoe mouldings, etc.  Disinfect all doorknobs, light switches, and handles all around the house.  
  • Day 11: Clean all windows you can safely wipe down. Clean windowsills. 

Congratulations! YOU ARE DONE!

Your home is fresh, organized, and you feel good! It wasn’t overwhelming or hard on your body, and you accomplished everything on the list. 

Enjoy your clean home xo

Easy Spring Cleaning List (Small Daily Tasks)