Worried about your washing machine breaking down? Hiring somebody to take a look at your broken machine, getting new parts, and potentially having to buy a new machine altogether is expensive. Looking after your machine and following some simple steps may save you money and make your washing machine last longer.

Take some extra time to learn more about your machine, check your washing machine’s instruction booklet, and learn about its specific cycles and settings. You might be missing something crucial that may shorten its life cycle. Below I am sharing some general tips to help you take care of your washing machine.

10 Tips To Make Your Washing Machine Last Longer

10 Tips To Make Your Washing Machine Last Longer

10 Tips To Make Your Washing Machine Last Longer.

1. Check all pockets before starting a load of laundry: Leaving small items in your clothe’s pockets, such as coins, keys, pens, small toys, and more, can cause damage to the machine, damage the machine’s drum, or even get stuck down the drain line.  Don’t forget to check all pockets, critical if you have children. I’ve found LEGO, small rocks, paperclips, and all sorts of small things inside my son’s pockets. Thankfully I always check all pockets before running a wash cycle and remove them promptly.

2. Stop overloading your machine: Always read and follow the max load recommendations in your machine’s manual. Not doing so, and overloading your machine can shorten its life considerably. Washing machine drums have a specific weight limit, and overloading your machine regularly can cause damage to the motor as well. 

3. Less is more when it comes to detergent: Don’t go too crazy with detergent and use too much of it. Doing so can cause mildew and mould problems and leave detergent build-up in your clothes. Most washing machines have an arrow marking the amount of detergent recommended for each load.

4. Ensure your machine is level: If the machine is not level, it is likely to bounce and vibrate aggressively during washing cycles, causing possible damage to the motor and internal systems. Adjust the washing machine’s feet at the bottom of the unit to correct this problem.  (This YouTube video demonstrates the levelling process ).

5. Leave the door ajar after cycles: Especially important with front-loading machines, to help avoid a mildewy smell, make sure to leave the door of your washing machine ajar when you aren’t using it, to allow for the inside to dry properly. Only do so if it is safe, be mindful of pets and small children. 

6. Run a cleaning cycle with hot water and vinegar every couple of months: Run an empty load in your washing machine, using the hot water cycle, adding white vinegar instead of detergent. Wipe down the seal around the opening with a damp towel and white vinegar, to remove any mildew that may accumulate there.

7. Run a hot water cycle at least once a week, if you use the cold water cycle most of the time: This is to help get rid of mould and bacteria that may accumulate inside the washer and help develop a musty smell.  It is recommended that towels and sheets be washed in a hot water cycle to kill bacteria and mildew. 

8. Avoid using the same wash setting for all cycles: If you only use the “Speed Wash” setting for all your cycles, you may be putting an unnecessary strain in the machine and shortening its life. Use the mode that matches your load, heavy load of towels and big sheets, etc. 

9. Remove wet clothes as soon as the machine is done: Don’t leave wet clothes hanging in the machine after a cycle. Avoid the machine getting a mildew smell this way. 

10. Familiarize yourself with your machine’s manual: Read your washing machine’s instruction booklet, and learn about its specific cycles and settings. Not all machines are the same, and you may learn something specific about your machine that can help you care for it properly. 

How often do you use your washing machine? We do a load a day, and taking care of our machine to ensure it works for a long time is a big priority. 

Do you have any other tips to add to our tips? Please share them below.