Celebrating Our Son’s 4th Birthday with My City Photos and Events!


Is your child’s birthday coming up? Are you looking for a place to host your child’s next birthday party? How about letting somebody else take care of all the decorations, games, crafts, photography, goodie bags plus having an event manager to wrangle all the kidos?  Enter My City Photos and Events in Vancouver!

I have always taken all the responsibility for planing, decorating and even photographing my children’s birthday parties. While it can be fun to do it can also be a bit stressful, specially when you have two children and a crazy schedule. This year I decided to hire My City Photos to plan my son’s 4th birthday party. They took care of all the details, we had an amazing party and I actually enjoyed the party instead of worrying about getting the perfect shot. You know when you look back at the photos of a family event to find you were always behind the camera and you appear in none of the photos? Last year I was so busy taking photos I wasn’t even beside my son when he blew his candles, I was behind the camera! This year I wanted it to be different, I wanted to BE present and enjoy the celebration WITH my family, let somebody else worry about that perfect shot.


We decided to host the party at their studio, conveniently located at  2160 E. Hastings in Vancouver. We booked a date and time, gave them our theme: “To Protect and To Serve”, the number of people going to the party and they took care of the rest. We just provided food and cake and everything else was taken care of for us. Here are some more details about the birthday party package we booked:

How many: 10 kids max and 10 adults max

Includes: 2hr party, event manager, beautiful decorations for the theme of your choice, 2hrs of photography, ALL edited high resolution digital images, coffee, juice, games, crafts, everything you need for eating (plates, cutlery, serving trays etc), clean up and set up!

Decorations and graphics are 90% home made and everything matches!

For each theme we provide fun props for the photo shoot!

Example timeline:
10am party starts
10:15am craft starts
10:30am photo shoot of each child, everyone together and family photos!
11am food time
11:30am Game
11:45am Cake
12noon guests leave

ADDONS for an extra price:


Beautifully presented this treat and toy station that is great for the little kids and big kids to make their own goodie bags or just grab a few treats to snack on!


$10 each Full of fun toys, games and candy to match your theme and they are age appropriate!


For a full list of prices check their website HERE


kids birthdays

We decided to go for the treat/toy station and that was a hit. The children loved the toys/snacks and they were able to put their own goodies bags together. Again, something else I didn’t have to worry about!

When we arrived with the food and cake the event coordinator was there setting things up and she was super helpful. Everything was ready and beautifully displayed for his Police/Firefighter themed party. Something else I really enjoyed was not having to worry about planning activities to entertained the children, they had a craft and game ready for the kids (pre-arranged and selected by us).  The event coordinator was there making sure everything went as planned and we also had a photographer who arrived as we were setting up. She captured so many beautiful photos of the decorations, the kids playing, families, us together and just all the party fun! It was great to have a professional photographer taking photos at the party, she was also very friendly and accommodated our requests.

If you are thinking about your next birthday party adventure I definitively recommend working with My City Photos and Events. They are highly professional and delivered a fantastic and unforgettable birthday party for our son!

And just like that we have a 4 year old! I mean, I started this blog when he was a few months old. Fast, way too fast!!

Disclosure: I received a discounted rate to facilitate this post. All opinions and views are my own.

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    I find that more and more parents of young children are going this route -from hosting a party at McDonald’s to pool parties and bowling alley birthday parties.
    As my grandson commented: ‘ When you have twenty or so little guys running around, it is so nice to have it here.’ (party site)

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