Celebrating Women Everyday

If you were online today, then you probably saw lots of messages, Tweets and Facebook updates regarding International Women’s Day. Today people all over the world celebrated women’s achievements, creating awareness for a more inclusive, gender equal world.

While I agree with celebrating on March 8th, I also believe that women should be celebrated daily. We can’t forget about it the next day or stop taking action to help drive positive change for females. Women’s achievements whether social, economic, cultural and political should be celebrated and as parents, we have a significant role education our children on gender equality.

Kids are definitely influenced by gender stereotypes and watching television shows with strong female characters, portraying smart, capable, independent women can open the door to having some valuable conversations about gender roles.

One of our favourite shows lately is A series of Unfortunate Events, and I love that one of the main characters is a very clever girl who is a problem solver. A perfect example of a capable, independent girl. On March 17, Julie Andrews will also be making her Netflix debut in Julie’s Greenroom. Brought to life by the Jim Henson Company, the enriching female lead show advocates for the arts and the positive impact creativity can have on every child’s life. We can’t wait to watch!

Disclosure: I am part of the Netflix Stream Team. I receive perks as a member. However, all views and opinions in this post are my own.

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Angela V

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4 responses to “Celebrating Women Everyday”

  1. I totally agree that shows with strong female characters inspire children.

  2. I think women are often just taken for granted and often have to work hard to achieve the same as a man. So it’s really good that attention to women is paid internationally like this. Though I do agree that one shouldn’t forget about the importance of women in today’s society on a daily basis.

  3. Women’s rights are a huge deal for me; every single day I have struggled for the same equality in my field. I have to work twice as hard, be twice as smart, and be twice as strong as any many to get a tenth of the recognition. It’s ridiculous and I refuse to let it keep happening! Grrr… And I am raising my boys, my niece and nephews to be feminists.

  4. Women are not only equal to men, they are superior as they are given the responsibility of bearing and rearing children. Because they are, for the most part, naturally nurturant. You have only to watch a man or woman with a child on a street. Most women have the child by the hand. I have seen more than one father with a small child a few steps behind him on a busy street.
    I do resist the impulse to take the child by the hand and ‘introduce’ him to his father!-(unless the child is in imminent danger).
    Men do admire women, and so do I, who are not afraid to be genuinely feminine-modest, confident and aware of all the gifts that the good Lord has given to them. When women forget their many talents and gifts and allow others to bully them, they may well experience doubt, anxiety and abuse.

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