Dressing Your Child for The Colder Days

Winter may be officially over but with the heavy spring snowstorms hitting parts of Eastern Canada in the past weeks and the low temperatures in some US cities many kids are still wearing their kids winter clothes.

Fortunately there are many cute styles of winter clothing for children to choose from, including warm kids jackets, fleece jackets, hoodies, sweaters, long sleeve tops and a variety of great stylish accessories to keep them warm.

Take a look at some of my top picks for kids winter clothes below:

 photo 1213TheNorthFaceBoysMcMurdoParkaTNFBlackF_zpsa7eb4d18.jpg

The North Face Boys McMurdo Parka: Super warm and stylish parka guaranteed to keep them looking good and feeling great. Perfect for  those really chilly days! We love The North Face!

 photo 1112TheNorthFaceBlizzardFleeceJacketTNFBlack-1_zps5dbece77.jpg

The North Face Girls Blizzard Fleece Jacket: Layers, layers, layers, it’s all about layering.  This fleece jacket is perfect as a second layer under a jacket.

 photo 1213ColumbiaBoysThermoratorHoodieMysteryBlackF_zps49bd4f12.jpg

Columbia Boys Thermorator Hoodie:  This stylish and modern hoodie uses Omni-Heat Thermal Reflective Technology that reflects up to 20% more body heat to keep children warm in low temperatures.

Boys Snaggletooth Hyper Beanie
Boys Snaggletooth Hyper Beanie: Keep your little one warm, comfortable and happy in the low temperatures. Great for outdoor play, a walk to school or a day on the slopes.

All of the styles featured above are available at WinterKids.com. Be sure to visit their website to see a full selection of their winter clothing for children.

WinterKids.com is a premium retailer that sells high-quality ski, snowboard, and winter outerwear for children and teens. You’ll find warm and fashionable outerwear and accessories from top brands at WinterKids.com!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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15 responses to “Dressing Your Child for The Colder Days”

  1. We are big fans of Columbia and The North Face too!

  2. north face is my preferred supplier for Winter gear

  3. Great picks! thanks for sharing.

  4. I wish you didn’t have to post this 🙁 But, as we speak it is snowing and blowing at my house 🙁 And my growing toddler is growing out of her winter clothes and gear, I do not want to have to spend more money on winter clothes this year, but I just may have to 🙁

  5. Hello, OSM. Who knew kids clothes could look so great. These items are all very stylish and all quality brand names that last for a long time. I have not heard of this website. Thank you for the heads up, One Smiley Monkey.

  6. some really great choices there! I’m going to check that site out as I didn’t know of it either!


  7. When oh when will Spring arrive???? We are still wearing our winter coats and hats and the kids are outgrowing them. It’s time to be looking for high quality coats since our winters are lasting too long.

  8. I absolutely love their toques.

  9. dressing warmly keeps the doctor away

  10. I love the North Face girls blizzard fleece jacket!! Very stylish and sharp looking, Ill have to look for this in the fall!

  11. Big North Face fans here! Keeps us all nice and warm during the cold season

  12. The hat looks so cute – I want one

  13. July 11-I love the items you have pictured here. I especially like the Boy’s Thermorator Hoodie that reflects back 20% of the heat to keep them toasty warm. Thank you for telling us about Winterkids. I hadn’t heard of them before.-el03ro

  14. Many different choice to have now a day

  15. The black brass zipper detail finishes off an currently wonderful hoodie.

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