Winter is coming to Canada and we are soon going to be dealing with cold temperatures, snow, ice and eveything that comes with it. According to The Weather Network’s Winter Forecast, most of the country is expecting a classic Canadian winter, meaning we have to dust off our winter boots and get ready to brave the cold. Preparing your family for the change of season is important and below we share some tips to help get you ready.

I am personally not a huge fan of the cold days but I do love taking the boys snowshoeing and playing in the snow. As long as we are all wearing our winter clothes, warm jackets and gloves we can safely enjoy the outdoors. Now is the perfect time to get all your winter clothes from storage and sort your closet to see if you or your children need any new winter clothes.

During heavy snow fall days ice can put extra weight on electrical lines and cause power to be cut off. Be sure to be prepared by having flashlights and batteries ready at home, plenty of warm blankets and a safety kit at home and your car with some basics, including snacks, water and a radio.

Keep a bag of salt or sand ready at home to deal with treacherous slippery sidewalks. We keep a big bag of salt that we have to use on the front stairs once in a while when they get dangerous and slippery after a snow fall.

If you are going somewhere leave extra early and allow plenty of time to deal with heavy or slow traffic due to dangerous driving conditions. The Weather Network’s Precip Start Stop is a really helpful tool, letting me know when snowy conditions are expected to start and stop, helping me plan out my day accordingly. I always leave 5-10 minutes earlier when dropping the boys off at school in the mornings during the winter.

You can prepare for the season’s conditions and stay safe this winter by visiting or downloading The Weather Network App.

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