What To Do After A Car Crash In British Columbia {Step By Step}


Car accidents can happen to anyone at anytime. Knowing what to do inmediately after you’ve been in a car crash is important. Below you will find a full list of steps to follow when the unexpected happens.

  1. Call 911 if anyone is injured or if there is any confrontation between affected drivers. Avoid moving an injured person as you might aggravate their injuries.
  2. Do not discuss who is at fault for the crash.
  3. Move the vehicle if it’s blocking traffic and you are able to move it safely, otherwise put on your hazard lights to warn other drivers.
  4. Record the following details for all the vehicles and drivers involved in the car crash: driver’s name, license number and contact info. Licence plate and year, make and model of vehicle and insurance details. Take photos of these documents with your phone if you can.
  5. Check to see if there were any witnesses, ask for their contact details.
  6. Make detailed notes about the accident, if possible draw a sketch showing the position of the vehicles at the time of the accident, note weather conditions, exact location, etc. Take photos of all vehicles and the crash scene and video of the scene/path taken if possible.
  7. Report the accident to the insurance company. In BC call ICBC available 24/7: 604-520-8222 or 1-800-910-4222 anywhere in Canada or the U.S.
  8. ICBC will tell you what to do next and the recommended places to call in case you need to tow your car.  They will also give you a claim number to follow the status of your claim.

Have you been in a car crash before? Did you know what to do?

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10 responses to “What To Do After A Car Crash In British Columbia {Step By Step}”

  1. I was in a minor car crash. I was more in shock that it had happened and struggled to recall what I was suppose to do. I knew not to put blame on the other driver, exchanged information and took pictures of the damage. Since then, I always carry pen and paper in the car, just in case i needed to take down additional information (like witnesses and drawings)

    • Great idea to carry pen and paper in the car!

  2. These are all great tips,we drivers should all be aware of

  3. This is very valuable knowledge to have so you don’t panic.

  4. Awesome yips. Car crashes scare me. I always worry about family on thee road.

  5. There are so many accidents everyday is scary on the road…..texting cause many of them

  6. I was in an accident recently and had no idea what to do. Wish I had read this first.

  7. most of these cover Ontario as well

  8. Thanks for the great tips !!

  9. The only big accident I’ve been in is when a huge truck decided at a double set of lights that were on red for us, that it would be the perfect time to do a U turn – unfortunately he ‘forgot’ I was next to him and he rolled over the left wing of my car with these absolutely gigantic tires. I saw the wheels coming and was petrified. He was going to drive off but due to me honking my horn and others waving & shouting he did stop. Said he didn’t realise what had happened, never felt a thing he said to the police!

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