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Our 4-year-old son is now six months into the ten month Yamaha Music Canada School piano program at the Tom Lee Music Learning Centre in downtown Vancouver. At this point we have transitioned to using both hands to play simultaneously on C major scale and we are working on simultaneous play on G major scale.

I am happy to report that in the last few weeks I have noticed a big positive change in our son’s attitude towards piano practice. In the past I actually found it a bit difficult to set a practice routine at home as it was always me suggesting piano practice and him being somehow reluctant. Lately he has been the one suggesting piano practice and running towards the piano to play the songs.

Something else we are doing is practising every single day. I noticed that practising everyday really made a huge difference with his weekly progress and with creating a routine. He is more confident now and eager to practice and get better. I actually catch him singing the songs/notes while moving his fingers and playing on an imaginary piano at random times when we are in the car or waiting somewhere.

Practising everyday doesn’t mean spending hours at the piano though, after all we are talking about a 4-year-old! Even short 5 minute practice sessions are great for us. We also play the DVDs and songs from the course, sing and dance along to them and just try to make it fun. He loves using the stickers from the back of the book once he has practiced a song playing both hands simultaneously as well. It’s all about those little things.

We will continue our daily practice and keep working on the G major scale. Here a little video of him practising one of the songs on G major:

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Stay tuned for more updates soon…

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