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According to The Eczema Society of Canada, eczema is a chronic inflammatory skin condition characterized by dry skin, with red and intensely itchy patches.  These patches of eczema may ooze, become scaly, crusted, or hardened.

Eczema symptoms can range from mild to severe, and the condition can negatively impact quality of life. Eczema has no cure, and it requires ongoing management.

My boys both suffer from eczema, but my youngest has been the most impacted in our home, suffering from flare-ups since he was born. Whenever he has a flare-up, his skin gets very itchy and uncomfortable, and it can get very frustrating for him. 

When he was younger, I remember trying to figure out why he had red, dry skin in the bends of his arms and the backs of his knees and finding out it was eczema. So hard when little ones can’t be vocal yet, and you are trying to figure out why they are upset.

Living with Eczema - Our experience and How We Learned to Love our Skin.

Nowadays, he continues having flare-ups. They are not as common as they used to be, but they still return without notice. 

We have tried many different treatments at home, without success, until finally, with the help of our family doctor, we ended up finding a treatment plan that works for us.

I am glad that we asked for help, had a chat with our doctor, and figured out a plan.

Having a treatment plan in place has changed the way we deal with eczema. We deal with the flare-ups when they come, and my son is comfortable and happy in his skin. A treatment that works has made all the difference for us. 

Living with Eczema - Our experience and How We Learned to Love our Skin.
If you suffer from eczema yourself or know somebody in your life who does, I encourage you to make an appointment with your family doctor to discuss your treatment options. 

Eczema can negatively impact your quality of life, and your everyday comfort,  and finding a way to treat it, and deal with flare-ups, can make a big impact. To get the conversation started to understand how eczema is impacting your or your child’s life and find out about the different treatment options that will work best for you. Good luck on your journey!

Living with Eczema - Our experience and How We Learned to Love our Skin.