Sick-etiquette Tips For Cold/Flu Season {Prize Pack Giveaway}

Sometimes, getting a cold or the flu is inevitable.  Your kids may have brought a bug home from school or you picked up something while sweating it out at the gym. You can get a virus anywhere! Just right now I have a little one at home with severe asthma and a cough.  The struggle is real!

Sick-etiquette Tips For Cold/Flu Season {Prize Pack Giveaway}

For those times when we do succumb to sickness, we must remember to keep germs to ourselves so we don’t continue the never-ending circle-of-sickness. Check out our “sick-etiquette” tips below to ensure that even if you do get sick you won’t be passing the virus to everyone around.

  • Stay home if you are sick. If you have a bad cold or the flu please stay home, if possible take the day off work and keep sick little ones at home. Try to take the time to off to recover, your body surely needs it! Don’t take your child to school or indoor playgrounds either. I try to keep my boys at home whenever they are sick.
  • Wash your hands a lot: Keep washing your hands, especially after blowing your nose or touching your mouth/nose. Teach your little ones to wash their hands as well.
  • Disinfect highly transited areas: Use disinfecting wipes to keep your desk/work area clean from germs at work and door handles at home. I always keep a pack of disinfecting wipes in my purse, ready to use when needed.
  • Discard dirty tissues: Don’t leave dirty tissues lying around, they are gross and can spread your cold. Teach your little ones to put them in the garbage after using them as well.
  • Get the flu vaccine: Get vaccinated because prevention is key.  You can get your vaccination at your local Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacy, with no appointment necessary!  We get ours there every year and it is part of our yearly prevention plan. With children suasthmag of ashtma, it is a must for our family.

Sick-etiquette Tips For Cold/Flu Season {Prize Pack Giveaway}

Do you try to stay at home when you are sick? Do you keep your children home if they are sick?


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Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Shoppers Drug Mart as part of the #ShoppersFlu campaign. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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221 responses to “Sick-etiquette Tips For Cold/Flu Season {Prize Pack Giveaway}”

  1. Get plenty of rest.

  2. I continue to tell my kids to wash their hands and I do the same. Lots of vitamin c as well.

  3. And stay well hydrated!

  4. take our vitamins, get lots of rest and keep hands and surfaceswashed!

  5. Drink lots of water!

  6. lots of handwashing, lots of healthy fruits and veggies

  7. Just want to say thank you for the last giveaway with these products, they are all awesome and everything you need to get better!!

  8. Take extra vits C and D to help stay health.

  9. Stay well hydrated, use a humidifier to cleanse the air, and cough into your arm not your hand. Right now I have no voice- hit me 3 days ago.

  10. I’m a big believer in supplementing with Vitamin C + D throughout the cold and flu season.

  11. I use oil of oregano at the first sign of a cold. It is nasty, but really helps.

  12. Try to exercise each day

  13. My tip is to use hand sanitizer after you wash your hands.And always sneeze into your elbow not into your hands.

  14. use hand sanitizer

  15. Vitamins and lots of hand washing is a must in our house!

  16. Try not to touch door handles, especially in public!

  17. Wash hands often and get extra vitamin C.

  18. My tip is to always wash your hands with soap and water. Eat healthy, drink lots of water, and take your vitamins!

  19. My tip is to carry sanitizer wipes with you and wipe off the handles of shopping carts during flu & cold season.

  20. I eat mainly very healthy foods and make sure I am well rested so my immune system is ready to fight! Happy Holidays 🙂

  21. My tip is to use hand sanitizer

  22. cough into your sleeve not your hands

  23. I take a dose of vitamin C and oregano oil as soon as I feel the beginning of cold or flu

  24. I get a flu shot and keep a handsanitizer at my desk

  25. Taking extra vitamin supplements during the winter months Will help decrease your chances of getting sick!Also eat more fruits and vegetables!

  26. My tip is to get lots of sleep

  27. Washing hands frequently, use sanitizer in between those other times and have lots of tissue on hand. Keep germs away and drink lots of fluids.

  28. I use hand sanitizer, try to eat lots of fresh produce and make sure to disinfect doorknobs and light switches daily.

  29. Wash my hands a lot and get plenty of rest.

  30. Take your vitamins, wash your hands frequently, and get enough sleep.

  31. I like drinking ginger tea when I feel a cold coming on.

  32. We take our vitamins regularly and keep on the practice of washing hands.

  33. My tip is to boost your immune system with vitamins. Also, use hand sanitizer if hand washing is not possible at the time.

  34. Was your hands a lot

  35. eating well and washing hands. thanks

  36. Get the flu shot and take vitamins.

  37. Cough into your elbow and keep your hands clean.

  38. I take vitamin C to avoid getting sick.

  39. The best advice I ever got was to wash your hands frequently!

  40. Get lots of sleep, drink lots of water and eat lots of veggies/fruit!

  41. teach your kids proper hand washing.,

  42. Plenty of hand washing and the flu shot.

  43. we try to fight the flu with a daily vitamin, drinking lots of liquids, getting plenty of rest, frequent hand washing and eating home cooked meals

  44. We do a lot in our home to try to prevent colds/flu! Sleep well, eat healthy, take vitamins, get the flu shot, and wash wash wash hands! Thank you very much for this chance! 🙂

  45. We take our vitamins daily and we never forget the flu shot.

  46. We take vitamins, keep our hands washed and try to keep up with keeping surfaces and handles clean around the home. Thanks!

  47. I have a few tips. Wash your hands often. Keep your hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth! And, shopping carts are full of germs, use disinfectant wipes or use gloves when out shopping.

  48. Wash hands well and often and get your flu shot, that not only protects you but the community too.

  49. Must wash hands at all times and increase intake of Vitamin D because we don’t have much sunshine. Eat healthy and get good sleep

  50. When you go out shopping, you touch doors,shopping carts, escalator/stair railing where germs will be. Avoid touching your face while out and make sure you wash your hands when you get home. Also, keep your own door handles, light fixtures, sink handles and whatever else you touch clean.

  51. I stay away from sick people, take the flu shot and wash my hands like crazy

  52. My best flu tip is to always be washing your hands!

  53. My tip is get your sleep including naps if necessary. I have had to use an alarm clock much of the time to wake up but if I had a choice not to have to, I would otherwise be getting much needed sleep without one.

  54. Lots of handwashing. I stay home when I’m sick and have taken “wellness days” when too many of my co-workers are coming in sick.

  55. Make sure to drink adequate water. slowly!

  56. I try not to stay around people who are sick because I have a poor immune system. Wash those digits.

  57. Wash hands frequently, wipe down all surfaces regularly and keep your ears covered outside! 🙂

  58. Mmy kids and i take daily multi vitamins ..i also make sure they wash their hands properly every chance they get

  59. Best advice is to wash your hands a lot.

  60. I wash my hands more frequently.

  61. I sanitize my keyboard at work regularly since that is a surface I touch so much it should be clean to avoid getting sick.

  62. Wash your hands! I know a broken record on a simple thing. Wash your hands especially after coming from grocery shopping, shopping at the Mall and public place like restaurants, schools, etc. Use hand sanitizer in medical buildings were germs are everywhere. Get enough sleep and reduce stress.

  63. My only tips are get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids.

  64. I stay active and eat a balanced died. I also take multivitamins and wash my hands frequently.

  65. vitamins

  66. Working at hospital I know the #1 rule is WASH YOUR HANDS OFTEN.

  67. If you or your kids are sick and contagious, stay home or go to your doctor’s office. Get well, and noncontagious before going out and spreading it around.

  68. I find taking daily vitamins keeps the flu away!

  69. Elderberry syrup is my go to!

  70. I avoid people whenever possible…hahahaha

  71. The second I feel a cold coming on I drink orange juice or Emergen-C to fight it off!

  72. I always use disinfectant wipes all year long. I also get a flu shot, since I had breast cancer 5 years ago. I want all the help I can get to avoid any type of sickness.

  73. Ask friends and family not to get together when ill

  74. Getting lots of rest and washing your hands helps keep sickness away!

  75. Eat my vitamins!

  76. Try to keep up a healthy lifestyle and get enough rest!

  77. Handwashing- and as a mother of 4 I try to keep them contained to their rooms to help them from infecting each other. Oh how I need this prize pack 🙂

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  78. cough into your sleeve not your hands

  79. I always have my kids wash their hands when coming home from school. Our whole family always washes our hands when coming home from being out anywhere.

  80. Hand washing #1

  81. with my tip on washing hands regularly along with household surfaces. Drinking plenty of water and taking vitamins.

  82. We supplementing with Vitamin C and wash our hands often

  83. Get lots of sleep, eat well, exercise and take vitamins to stay healthy during flu season

  84. Wash your hands and away from your face.

  85. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables to get your vitamins naturally!

  86. My tip is not to touch your face, mouth or eyes unless you have washed your hands.

  87. i take d vitamin, zinc and echinacea

  88. Try and keep your hands out of your mouth

  89. Hand wash constantly

  90. wash hands whenever you come home from a shopping trip.

  91. Definitely stay hydrated and wash hands often.

  92. Wash hands often and drink lots of water.

  93. My best tip is to get plenty of rest.

  94. I wash my hands regularly and keep my gloves on when on public transit

  95. I wash my hands all the time.

  96. Constant hand washing

  97. Get lots for rest, drink fluids, avoid crowds and hospitals if possible

  98. Drink lots of fluids, and get lots of sleep

  99. Vitamin C!

  100. Get plenty of sleep

  101. Keep hands away from your face, mouth and nose.

  102. Wash your hands as much as possible especially before eating and drink a lot of water.

  103. Wash your hands frequently to stay cold free

  104. Drink lots of ginger tea

  105. Wash, wash, wash your hands and get plenty of vitamin C.

  106. I try to wash my hands a lot! I also drink a vitamin c/immunity supplement every day.

  107. Keep hands clean. Eat healthy and get enough sleep.

  108. always wash your hands

  109. Don’t shake hands – best way to spread germs.

  110. Drink lots of water! I actually like to add fresh ginger slices and lemon slices to a water bottle.

  111. To stay healthy during flu season I recommend washing your hands frequently.

  112. Good sleep and hand washing for days.

  113. Wash hands constantly, disinfect frequently touched surfaces, honey and lots of clear fluids.

  114. I mostly try and get a lot of rest and I drink a lot of water. It seems like I get ill when I am very run down and stressed.

  115. I get plenty of rest and drink lots of water and take vitamin C,as well.

  116. Excited for contest

  117. sorry, don’t have twitter… accidently entered.

  118. I always make sure to drink lots of water and vitamin c and d

  119. Every time you walk into your home, wash your hands well.
    Here is my twitter tweet.

  120. Lots of fluids, and rest!

  121. Stay hydrated, intake Vitamin C and Echinicea, get lots of rest, and try steaming to clear the sinuses!

  122. keep your cough in your sleeve #ShoppersFlu

  123. Probiotics are a good way to prevent flu as the good bacteria helps to fend off colds & flu.

  124. Stomach flu in house now..chicken noodme soup

  125. Stay home when you are sick

  126. i wash my hands a lot, ad avoid buffet tables with shared foods

  127. Make it an annual habit of getting a flu shot for you and the family. It won’t provide complete protection, but it will reduce the odds of acquiring the flu. Some people find it a chore, but a measly flu shot is a lot easier to deal with than the fever and pain of a flu in bodies big and small.

  128. Getting a flu shot and practicing frequent hand washing helps to keep me healthy.

  129. Drink lots of orange juice to help strengthen your immune system.

  130. I tweeted some of my tips for the mandatory entry.

    • My tips include washing your hands frequently, avoid being around sick people whenever possible, and use disinfectant spray or wipes on surfaces throughout the house including door knobs.

  131. Diffusing thieves and frankincense and drinking loads of water!

  132. My biggest tips are vitamins and hand washing.

  133. To keep healthy during the cold and flu season wash your hands with soap and water after being out around the public.

  134. Wash your hands a lot to keep colds and flu away.

  135. Getting enough sleep 🙂

  136. I start taking an herbal supplements as sin as cold season arrives

  137. Sleep always helps to rest the body. Call Mom.

  138. Always wash your hands

  139. Due to medical issues we can’t get a flu shot, so we compensate by eating healthy & taking vitamins daily, wash & sanitize hands, stay hydrated, get 8 hours sleep daily & enjoy home made chicken noodle soup.

  140. Doing a lot of prevention: wash hands often, drink a lot of water, sleep enough..!

  141. I just make sure I wash my hands a lot

  142. Lots of rest and lots of fluid

  143. We drink a lot of orange juice.

  144. I like to hand wash a lot, especially after coming home from being out, eating lots of fruit and veg, and taking supplements like vitamin C and zinc.

  145. vitamin c and handwashing are a great way to help stop the flu

  146. I try to get as much rest as possible because I know thats when I get sick fastest, is when I don’t get enough sleep and then I start popping chewable vit c & D that i have in hopes to stave off the sickness.

  147. Lots of sleep and Vitamin C

  148. Get lots of rest and wash hands often.

  149. Always wash your hands, use hand sanitizer when you aren’t able to wash your hands, antibacterial soap at home, lots of fluids to keep hydrated

  150. i take vitamins daily and try to not touch my face

  151. We wash our hands frequently and take vitamin c.

  152. I use a lot of hand sanitizer!

  153. Get a flu shot

  154. Wash hands often and get at least 8 hours of sleep.

  155. Wash hands often and get at least 8 hours of sleep.get the flu shot.

  156. Drink lots of fluids, wash hands often and get a lot of rest.

  157. Try to avoid crowds while shopping!

  158. Get plenty of sleep!

  159. Wash your hands frequently

  160. Eat healthy and get plenty of rest/

  161. I say get lots of rest and don’t expose anyone else to your sickness.

  162. My tip is to wash your hands often and take your vitamins! Plus get the flu shot!

  163. Wipe down common surface every other day.

  164. Get plenty of rest! Easier said than done sometimes!

  165. Great tips above, but I also recommend (if you are able) to stay physically active while you have a cold or flu. If you can run do so, lift weights, go for a walk in the fresh air, take the stairs at work. Exercise boosts the immune system and helps expunge the bugs.

  166. My tip is to wash hands often,always cover your mouth when coughing and/or sneezing,have plenty of vitamin c and cold and flu meds on hand for different ages,tissues,soup,and juice.

  167. Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer

  168. Keep your surroundings clean

  169. To be very mindful of when your out in public and what your touching and to wash your hands before you put your hands near your face

  170. drink lots of fluids, get the flu shot and eat your veggies and fruits

  171. We do the usual things – stay hydrated, get extra rest and wash hands often.

  172. getting enough res is always helful.

  173. take vitamins and wash hands often

  174. Get plenty of rest.

  175. Wash hands frequently and take vitamis plus make sure you are getting enough rest!

  176. Wash your hands — a lot.

  177. Avoid other people who are already sick and wash your hands frequently to avoid germs.

  178. We are really diligent about handwashing here, we even just set up our bathroom so each family member has their own norwex hand towel to cut down on the spread of germs.

  179. Wash your hands. Sleep lots!

  180. Wash your hands several times a day to keep germs away

  181. Stay home if you’re sick! (PLEASE!!!)

  182. Use hand sanitizer before and after touching shopping carts!

  183. I take Oil of Oregano when I feel a bug starting.

  184. Get enough sleeps, wash your hands and eat lots of veggies and fruits.

  185. I make sure to get the flu shot and to wash hands.

  186. I wash my hand often.

  187. Take your multivitamins and make sure you are getting adequete rest each night! #ShoppersFlu

  188. So important to stay home if you are ill, and to wash hands and face consistently either way. scarves arent just for the cod, they are protection against sickness.

  189. Staying hydrated and eating plenty of veggies will help you stay well all year around.

  190. Wash your hands a lot and eat vitamin rich food.

  191. My tip is to drink lots of water and get enough sleep.

  192. Forneça uma ótіma experiência de usuário.

  193. LOVE THE PRODUCTS!!!!!!

  194. wash hands frequently, get plenty of rest and stay away from people who are sick!

  195. I take hand sanitizer whenever I go out to public places

  196. drink lots of water and get a good night of sleep.

  197. Always drink lots of orange juice and water

  198. Take multivitamins daily,wash your hands,always have sanitizer just in case.

  199. Drink lots of water ????

  200. Take vitamin c & wash your hands ALL the time!

  201. My tips for fighting the flu/cold are to wash your hands frequently and also I use sanitizing wipes to clean my phones, computers etc.
    It is always a good idea to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to stay healthy and drink lots of juice and water. 🙂

  202. getting enough rest and drinking lots of fluids.

  203. I have a few little tips and tricks for preventing the flu and cold. One is I always carry hand sanitizer mine is doterra sanitizing spray. I always spray my hands throughout the day especially since I’m touching doorknobs and things others have touched. I also drink a lot of water throughout the day as it’s important to stay hydrated. Several times a week or daily if you want I boil fresh ginger, I pour the fresh ginger water in a coffee mug and I add 1 tablespoon of honey, a slice of freshly squeezed lemon and I drink it up. It taste good and it’s good for your system and clearing it out. Those are my main little tips and tricks.

  204. Garlic//sleep//homemade soup

  205. Get the flu shot, eat well, drink lots of water, and practice good hand washing.

  206. Eat a variety of foods, including lots of fruits and vegetables and avoid sugar. Get a flu shot and wash hands often, especially after shopping trips.

  207. wash hands and drink a lot of water

  208. I think hand washing and healthy eating is the best cold preventative!

  209. Always wash you hands!

  210. We wash hands often and use hand sanitizer!

  211. I love life brand products. They work as well as name brands and the price is so much better! I’ll be sooooo happy when cold and flu season is over!

  212. As a family we stay home when we are sick as much as we can to avoid spreading it. Also we practice lots of hand washing, especially right after arriving home.

  213. we make fresh meals from scratch every day and add apple cider vinegar to many dishes. A healthy gut is a healthy immune system.

  214. We eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid sugar and processed food. We also take daily vitamin D all winter long.

  215. Wash hands frequently, clean regularly touched surfaces daily, use a humidifier, don’t touch commonly touched public surfaces with your hands, avoid people who are sick or coughing.

  216. My congratulations to whoever the very lucky winner was, this was a fantastic prize 🙂

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