Are you looking for easy workouts to do at home, to stay fit while self-isolating during the global pandemic? If you want to stay active while you are at home, I am sharing a full week of super easy and FREE, 15-20 minute workouts to do each day, below.

All you need is your phone, tablet, laptop or TV, any device you regularly use to stream videos.  

If you follow me on Instagram (@onesmileymonkey), then you have also been following my fitness journey as I share some snaps of my exercise routines and some of my workouts.  We set up a basic home gym with some weights, a mat and a T.V, a few years ago and have slowly added some extras, like a treadmill and a bike.

I have been doing 15-20 minutes of daily exercise at home for years now, and that’s how I stay fit.

Staying Fit While Self-Isolating: 15-20 Minute Long Workouts Per Day

My priority has been working on strength training, cardio and flexibility. As a busy mom of two, I have no time to go to the gym so working out at home has been ideal, I also love food, and I don’t do diets. My ultimate goal is to have toned, strong muscles, a healthy heart and a happy soul.

With lockdown and social distancing, going to the gym isn’t an option anymore. So staying home and working out at home is the way to go right now.

I use FREE workout videos from YouTube for my routines. I have a couple of favourites, but my go-to fitness channel is FitnessBlender, and I love that they have lots and lots of videos to pick from. I walk the dog twice a day right now, and we go on short family walks around the block, because our neighbourhood is very quiet and we don’t run into many people on our walks. If that changes, we will stop to make sure we are not in contact with others. If you are able, add a walk or two a day to your routine to stay fit, when possible, while keeping a distance from others.

On Sundays, I usually set up a workout plan and a weekly schedule to ensure I am working all my muscles. Below is an example of all of the videos on my schedule for next week.

You can use these for your workouts next week and plan your own workouts the coming weeks using my example schedule below.























Working out daily for 15-20 minute can make a huge difference, same with a short walk every day to stay active. I also signed up for the Peloton app, and I do their workouts whenever I get bored from the YouTube workouts, the Peleton app isn’t free, you have pay to subscribe, but it is worth it since they have so many new workouts all the time. I believe they also have a free trial you can sign up for, to check it out for free before you subscribe.

How are you keeping active during the lockdown?  If you are looking for productive things to do during self-isolation, visit my post with some ideas here.

Note: Always remember before starting a full workout routine to take it easy for the first couple of weeks, this is just an example of MY routine, but your own exercise routine may look different. You can get creative with your own workouts.