With everything going on in the world, it has become increasingly harder to take a minute of silence to relax. We are constantly bombarded with information, news, videos, images, and nowadays, with social media, the amount of content we get directly from people as things are happening live is incredible. As a result, our brains are on overdrive from the minute we wake up until when we go to sleep.

Tips to Help You Relax Your Body and Mind

It is essential to find those moments of quiet and solitude and prioritise having some time to relax your body and mind throughout your day. It doesn’t have to take a lot of your time, but it can have significant benefits for your mental and physical health. 

Tips to Help You Relax Your Body and Mind

Relaxing your body

  • Exercise: Taking the time to exercise can help you relax your body. Exercise can also improve your sleep, which is often disrupted by stress, depression and anxiety. It can be as simple as going for a walk every day, if you can, go outside and breathe fresh air and immerse yourself in nature. For extra added relaxation, you can try Yoga to relax. You can watch a Yoga Video Class and practise from the comfort of your living room. 
  • Massage: Take a moment to massage your body. You can massage your arms, your legs, and even your scalp. If you can, ask somebody to give you a quick back rub or gentle massage. You can also get a foot massager to use while working or sitting at your desk. 
  • Drink a Herbal Tea: Taking the time to prepare and enjoy a warm herbal tea can give you a break and allow you to relax for a few minutes. 
  • Enjoy a warm bath: Soak in a warm bath to relax your muscles and enjoy quiet time. Do this once a week or more if you can. 

Relaxing the mind

  • Deep Breaths: Take a break from work every hour to take slow, deep breaths. Try a breathing exercise or focus on your breathing while blocking any other mental noise. 
  • Listen to relaxing music: Play relaxing sounds. For example, Zen, water, or nature sounds can be calming and allow you to relax.
  • Meditation: Try mindful meditation. There are plenty of apps available with free guided meditation routines for beginners. Take 10 minutes of your day to meditate if you can. 
  • Journal: Start a journal and write to relax. You can play some relaxing music while you sit and write about your day, feelings, or anything else you want to write about. 
  • Get a Zen Garden: Purchase or make an inexpensive Zen Garden to keep by your desk. Take a few minutes to meditate. It’s not difficult to create a constantly changing work of art that is visually pleasing with clean, flowing lines and carefully placed objects. Then, using the rake tracing lines on the sand, you can take deep breaths and empty your mind of any rushing thoughts. 

How do you relax after a long day? Share any tips or ideas in the comments. 

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