Embracing the Meaning of the Holidays with RBC Rewards

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The holiday season is a busy time for everyone. From decorating your home to shopping for presents and attending holiday parties, this time of year can be stressful. I find with all the running around and a big to-do list that the true meaning of the holidays can sometimes get a bit lost. So, every year, I try to take a step back and focus on what the holidays really mean to me.

For us, that means being able to spend quality time together as a family and with the ones we love the most. We live far away from our extended family, and even though we don’t usually get to celebrate the holidays with them in person, we still look for ways to show them we care.

We try not to make presents the main focus of the holidays, but we still enjoy coming up with ideas and picking out something special for all members of our extended family who live far away. We usually mail them handmade holiday cards and ship a small present picked by the boys.

This year, I asked the boys what they wanted to give to their Abuela for the holidays. They had overheard us speaking about her new workout routine, and really wanted to choose something that would support her in sticking with her healthy lifestyle.

Thankfully, RBC Rewards makes it easy to shop for the holidays, in-store or from the comfort of home. The boys and I looked through the RBC Rewards catalogue online and found this S’well water bottle – turns out they were really listening! I know it will mean a lot to her that the kids were thoughtful in their own way, selecting a gift that they think will help her stay healthy and strong until the next time we see her. I am sure she is going to love her new water bottle, but more importantly, I know that the thought behind it will make her feel loved.

If you are an RBC Rewards member, you can redeem your points towards items from  brands including Bose, Samsung, Dyson, S’well and more. Members can also earn bonus points for the shopping and travel they were going to do anyway, thanks to great offers from brands like Apple and Uber. So wonderful!


Embracing The True Meaning of The Holidays


Also, take a moment to check out the video below to find out how RBC Rewards is helping people celebrate with their holiday family.



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11 responses to “Embracing the Meaning of the Holidays with RBC Rewards”

  1. We just got an RBC rewards card but we went with the Westjet card, we decided that the yearly companion flight would be best for us! I’m starting to wonder if we made the right choice now, though. Anyways, I think your sons are amazing… so thoughtful for their ages.

  2. That’s so thoughtful!

  3. Your boys were not only listening but were also very thoughtful in their choice of gift too. Well done boys!

  4. Great, I like that there are so many options. I like cash back or use it to pay the mortgage the best

  5. what a great gift!! good picking. you cant go wrong with a swell bottle

  6. I don’t collect RBC rewards but I know one of my sons and one of my daughters does but they chose to go for air miles to put towards flights to Europe.

  7. It’s awesome that RBC has a rewards program, and it’s sweet that the boys picked out a thoughtful gift that you could use your points for!

  8. I love your boys thoughtfulness. We love RBC Rewards!

  9. All kids love decorating the Christmas tree don’t they?

  10. I like to save my points for Christmas time. I can easily do a lot of my shopping this way and not be out of pocket.

  11. I don’t use my RBC rewards credit card often and honestly never checked on my balance so was great to learn when signed in the other day that we have enough points to get a gift card for Famous Players so can enjoy going to the movies as a family.

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