10 Fun Activities To Do With Your Infant

Here is a list of fun simple activities to do with your infant. Remember parenting is fun and taking the time everyday to do fun activities with your child will keep your bond strong and make you and him happier! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or elaborate as sometimes the simplest things mean the most.

-Dance with Baby: This is one of my favorite activities to do with my son. You can start dancing with him as early as you want and baby will enjoy cuddling and slow or quick dancing to your favorite songs.
-Peek-a-Boo: Make changing diapers and getting baby dressed more fun by playing Peek-a-Boo. Your little one will love playing it with you and it is very easy,  just hide your face behind your hands and then move your hands away while you say, “Peek-A-Boo!”
-Imitation: Imitating your baby’s sounds and facial expressions will help him develop and establish the foundation for conversation skills plus is fun. 
-Bath Time Fun: Bath time can be fun for both you and your baby. Bring his favorite toy into the tub. Let your baby feel the sensation of the water dripping on his head and feeling splashes on his body. 
-Baby Massage:  Baby massage is a great bonding experience between you and your baby. Try giving your baby a massage before nap time or bed time to help him relax. 
-Read to Baby: There are many fabulous educational and creative books that are available for babies of all ages. Create a bed time routine by reading a story to your baby and showing him the pictures and illustrations. 
-Sing to Baby: Babies love music and your voice. Give your little one the gift of both and sing to him.  Try nursery rhymes, children’s songs and even your own favorite songs.  Baby will enjoy them all and soon enough you will find out which ones are his favorites.

-Play on the floor:  Put your baby on his tummy or back on the floor and go down to play with him.  Go on your tummy and look right at his eyes and smile, no better way to connect with your little one.
-Go for a walk: Take your baby out for a walk. We all need the fresh air and the new views, sounds and scents are all very exciting and stimulating for baby. Talk to him about what you are seeing and describe things for him.

-Sign up for a baby class: Check out your local community center for baby classes. There are many dance, swimming, music and exercise classes geared towards babies. The classes will be fun for you and your baby plus you will get to meet new mommies in your area.
 Give your baby a big hug and don’t forget to have FUN!

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10 responses to “10 Fun Activities To Do With Your Infant”

  1. I will be trying some of these activities this weekend.

  2. aww:D I love these. Bookmarking for baby #2 (although I did most with DD)

  3. Bath time was my sons favorite when he was a baby 🙂 *sigh He is now a 7yr old hyper boy =)

  4. Love reading to my kids!

  5. Love all your ideas…especially singing to my beautiful babies…it's the best!

  6. Playing on the floor always does the trick and it’s a lot of fun

  7. haha, it is great

  8. My second oldest Granddaughter and her husband teach in Fort MacMurray , Alberts. They have a fivemonth baby girl who is a very pleasant baby. The parents love to keep in shape so they all go to a fitness place of some sort. They run around a track, taking turns pushing the baby in a stroller. The baby is used to this and loves it. Then they all go to the pool in the same building and all go ‘swimming.’- The baby is like a ‘fish’ in the water. Her mother has lifeguard training so I am pretty sure they are careful with her. Many of the smaller children and older ones come to visit and talk to this baby . Everybody, it seems, likes a happy baby!-el03ro

  9. Reading to and swimming with babies are my favorite

  10. I will be trying some of these activities with the kids

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