stroller running

As the world record holder for fastest female marathon stroller push, you may have correctly guessed that I run with a stroller a lot.

These stroller runs are often my favourite. After all, I have the greatest of company and we have the most fun adventures. Sure, we chat in the car, but our conversation and game playing really hits the next level during stroller time. That being said, more than a few rides have been challenging. Here are my top five tips:

Baby Comes First

If baby ain’t happy, ain’t nobody running. I always have snacks in a cup (on leash), a water bottle with a soft spout (for hard bumps), toys and a white noise maker. For my older girl, I have an iPod loaded with educational games.

Most importantly though, I always have a carrier stowed away in case I need to walk home with babe in arms.

Mother Nature’s Moody

We live in Vancouver where the weather changes by the second. I always have sunscreen, an extra blanket and a rain cover in tow no matter if it’s January or July.

Take Baby Steps

If you are just getting back into running, start gradually. If you do too much, too soon, you are setting yourself up for injury or burn-out. Little steps make a big impact.

Start and end with a gentle walk and think about jogging slower than you walk, and walking faster than you jog.

It’s best to do a little every day and go 1% farther each time you go out. Slow progress is lasting progress.

Also, remember that something is always better than nothing – for you and your baby. Even if that means running down the block and walking a fussy baby home. At the very least, both of you got some air and a change of scenery.

Dress Up

Running with your baby is a lot less expensive than taking classes or hiring a sitter, so give yourself permission to buy good equipment… like proper shoes and a good stroller. It will go a long way to everyone’s enjoyment and stave off injury.

It also helps to be dressed the part. You want to look and feel your best.

And don’t forget the visibility gear if you ever find yourself out in the dark.

Have Fun

The absolute most important thing is that you have fun! It’s great for both you and your baby to get outside for some fresh air and movement. You will probably end up with a happier baby and you will almost certainly end up being a happier mom!

Soon you’ll see the benefits your regular running routine provides your whole family, and you’ll be hooked!

Do you go for runs/jogs with your baby?