Change of Seasons

I can feel a change in the weather, a new season is approaching and the changing leaves and crisp breezes of the fall are just around the corner.

What a wonderful summer we’ve had so far. Β So many outdoor activities under the sun! Sometimes I wish we had the summer all year round.

This was our first summer with a little toddler running around and I found it was great to be able to go to places like Science Centers, Aquariums and Museums knowing that he was old enough to interact with the exhibits and get excited about what he was looking at, even naming the animals and objects.

This summer we got to see our son’s little personality come out even more than before and we discovered he loves to entertain us and he is a little joker at heart. Isn’t it wonderful when they get to that stage? Their personalities waiting to be discovered at every chance.

I used to think people were exaggerating when they said children grow up too fast but now I can see why they said it. It feels like it was yesterday when I held my little newborn in my arms and now I have an independent toddler telling me what he likes and what he doesn’t like on a daily basis. Way. Too. Fast!

For now we are hoping to continue to enjoy the last weeks of summer (is it really the end of August today?) and wait for the beautiful transformation that is the fall. One of my favorite seasons with all the gorgeous bursts of color.

Are you enjoying the summer so far, are you looking forward to the new season?