As I woke up this morning I saw my little not so little one and suddenly realized that we were fast approaching Toddlerhood! He was standing in his crib laughing and gave me the biggest smile after saying “ma ma ma ma” and lifting both his arms in the air to hug me.

It seems like it was yesterday when we brought home a little 8lbs baby that we were able to  hold in one hand. Now my arm burns after holding him for just a couple of minutes!  Time goes by FAST!

Being a mom has been amazing,  truly a blessing and I wouldn’t change it for anything. There have been so many new experiences and the opportunity to really slow down and learn things again while seeing everything from my little one’s eyes. Priceless!

During my pregnancy I spent hours reading baby books and getting ready for his arrival.  I read a lot of books about birthing and the very first few days after the birth. I remember we were so focused on the impending birth that when I was about 7 months pregnant and I had a meeting with my doula she pointed out that I was worrying too much about the actual birth and that the birthing process was just the very beginning.  She suggested to stop worrying about that process and to focus more on what was next.  What we were doing AFTER the birth.

She was right! The actual birth was 14 hours and after those intense hours everything that happened next was all NEW and a lot more exciting that the birth.  Spending those very first few days and months with your baby are all a new and wonderful experience that is 100% unique and special and I really wish I have spent less time worrying and focusing on the birth and way more time on what to expect after having my baby.

During my pregnancy I managed to read: What to Expect “The First Year” by Heidi MurkoffYour Baby’s First Year for Dummies, The Modern Girl’s Guide to Motherhood by Jane Buckingham, The Mother of All Baby Books: Canadian Guide to Baby’s First Year by Ann Douglas and a few other books I don’t remember right now.  Most books I read were all very similar as they all gave a lot of information about the first months and what to expect up to a year.

A lot of the information on the books I read was repetitive and very similar and I remember at times skipping chapters with almost identical information. I am not saying they weren’t helpful, I just think I should try some more variety next time around! Something I quickly found out with my son was that all babies reach their own milestones at different times that are unique to them.  The books can all tell you something but you will see it all happening when YOUR baby is ready so that is something to be aware of.  No need to panic, you just need to be patient!

Now that my son is less than two months away from leaving “Infancy” and reaching “Toddlerhood” I am sitting here eager to read and get some more information on what to expect during the next stage. I frequent many forums and websites with “monthly” milestone reports but I am also looking to fill my eBook reader with books that are worth reading.    Here I come to YOU to ask for recommendations. For all of you out there that have read books on what goes on after the first year. Any recommendations?  I may get: What to Expect: The Second Year because I know the series, but any other books that I must read?

Really looking forward to some good recommendations!!! 🙂