Our 5-year-old is the king of bedtime stalling. I can’t remember the last time he went to bed without it being a long ordeal, it usually takes us about 45 minutes or longer to get him in bed. Every night there are multiple excuses and things he needs to do before he goes to bed, he is forever thirsty, hungry and having to run to the bathroom.

Lately his favourite way to stall bedtime is to ask for long bedtime hugs and cuddles. He would ask for a goodnight hug and he won’t let go, saying he wants to give a “very very looooooooooong hug”. He calls both my husband and I to give hugs and gets hugs from both of us multiple times. He knows that it is a great way to stall bedtime without getting into too much trouble because we do love the extra cuddles.

Is your little one a bedtime staller like ours? Below is a funny infographic from Netflix with some stalling styles. Our little one uses the “Sooo Thirsty/Hungry, The Flatterer and the Master Negotiator” the most. Kids!


Disclosure: I am part of the Netflix StreamTeam, however all views and opinions on this post are my own.