Family Emergency Sheet {FREE Printable}

Do you have a family emergency sheet somewhere in the house with important emergency contact information?

The boys and I were chatting the other day about what to do in case of emergency, and I realized we lacked just that, so I decided to create one for them. 

I wanted the boys to have an easy to find sheet with basic but important information like our address, local emergency contacts, and family contacts. They don’t know any of those numbers by heart, and I feel better knowing that now they have them all in one place that is easy to find.

Family Emergency Sheet {FREE Printable}-

I created a simple sheet with all of the information the kids should have in case of emergency. I printed it, laminated it and taped it to the inside of a cabinet door in the kitchen for them to reference when needed.  

This handy sheet can also be used by babysitters or anybody else that is in your home when you are not there. It is so important to be prepared.

Family Emergency Sheet {FREE Printable}-

If you don’t have one yet and would like to use my template, you can download it and print it by clicking on the link below. It is FREE.


Do you use family emergency sheets at home too? 

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18 responses to “Family Emergency Sheet {FREE Printable}”

  1. I love the idea of laminating it! Not only will it last longer but if you use dry erase you can change numbers if necessary without having to start over. Hmm, how lazy do I sound? LOL

  2. This is a great printable to have, thanks for sharing!

  3. every house should have a few copies of these

  4. This is so very important and necessary in the event of an emergency or non-emergencies even.

  5. This is an important printable that everyone should have

  6. This is a wonderful idea and laminating it would make it last an awful lot longer. Thanks for sharing.

  7. what a fabulous idea!! that is something that i can do today 🙂 and i like your idea of putting it on the inside of the cupboard. i would have put it on the fridge but this is a nicer way of doing it 🙂

  8. I like the printable. I also recommend having a 3 day emergency supply in case of power outages, natural disasters or other emergencies; prepping your kids for this is also important.

  9. What a fantastic template. I saved and will print tonight. Thank you so much. You taught me to be organized. Safety first.
    FB. Dana Christine Rogers
    IG. @danacrm

  10. Great template, I also have a sheet on the inside of a cupboard door instead of the fridge.

  11. Love the idea of laminating it and having all important info readily available.

  12. Brilliant idea! Mainly for homes with young children!

  13. Just a side note as I noted a few weeks ago; back to school is also the time we run emergency evacuation drills to prep the kiddos and the family. It can be for fires, natural disasters or home invasions (we do it for age appropriate levels so we do not traumatize the kiddos, but empower them). Its all about practice and muscle memory, so highly recommend that in addition to utilizing the template for a plan.

  14. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing the printable.

  15. What a great idea! It’s so important to have this information readily accessible. Thanks for sharing your printable.

  16. Good to have these, everyone needs a list in case of emergencies.

  17. This is such a great idea! And posted to the inside of a cupboard. What a great idea!

  18. We have something similar on our fridge. Everyone should have one of these sheets.

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