By Jen Shragge

For those of you who have been reading my posts for a while, you will already know that I have an obsession with fall and all things Halloween. I also love candy. I love love love me some candy. I, however, do not love how many artificial colours and flavours and additives there are in candy and packaged treats. My eldest turns into the Incredible Hulk if he is exposed to artificial colours in anything more than tiny amounts and add in all the processed sugar and we have a very unpleasant situation on our hands.

Healthier DIY Halloween Treats

That being said, I still love Halloween, and I plan on hosting our annual pre-trick or treating pizza party this year with our friends, and I have some fun treats planned. Just because you are skipping all the junky stuff, doesn’t mean you have to skip the fun! Plus, my kids will, of course, get to pick their top-10 “keepers” after we pick and sort their candy and they always get their fill of the less than ideal treats for the one special night as always.

Healthier Halloween Treats

If you are keen to prepare some dye-free and healthier snacks and treats for a Halloween party or even Halloween night, here are my top five all-time favourite, kid-approved ideas:

  • Boo-Nannas: Cut bananas in half and press chocolate chips in for eyes and a mouth. Healthier Halloween Treats
  • Cheese string witches brooms: Cut cheese strings into thirds and peel each about half way and insert a pretzel stick.Healthier Halloween Options
  • Frankenstein smoothies: Make or buy your favourite green smoothie and use a black sharpie on a clear cup to draw Frankenstein’s face.
  • Ghost-Krispies: Shape homemade rice krispie treats (I like to use vegan marshmallows and brown rice cereal, but you can use any recipe you like!) into ghosts.
  • Hairy spiders: Skewer eight toothpicks with raisins and spear them into a large seedless black grape. Kids LOVE these.

Healthier Halloween Options

Here are my top five better choice chocolate and candy options as well:

Healthier Halloween Treats

Wishing you all a safe and spooktacular Halloween night!

Don’t forget, the unwritten rule of parenting is that you may pillage your child’s treat bag for one night before taking the rest of the candy to work, or tucking it away for holiday gingerbread house/cookie decorating! Trust me; it’s a thing.