Introducing Solids to Baby with The Perfect Spoon!


Our son is now five and a half months old and we decided to start him on solids today. At his last appointment our pediatrician recommended to start solid foods anytime from 4-6 month and he has been very interested in food for weeks, often trying to grab food off our plates and watching when we eat. His neck control is also excellent and he can sit on his own without an issue. All good to go!

We had some organic bananas and home and I just made some banana puree for him. Super easy, I blended half a banana using our Baby Bullet and added a bit of breastmilk for extra creaminess.


He was ready to try his banana puree and it was the perfect time to try the Spuni spoon we received to review. Spuni spoons feature an ergonomic design that makes feeding baby less messy than regular spoons. The shape/design of the Spuni promotes latching and it’s perfect for baby’s mouths.

I absolutely love the Spuni. I love the way the food sits in the spoon and how my son was able to “latch” and easily eat his food. There wasn’t a lot of mess after his first time trying solids and he loved the banana puree.


The Spuni is BPA, BPS, Phthalates and PVC free, it is also non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and dishwasher safe. I received a set of two that came in a reusable packaging that is perfect to keep the spoons clean while out and about.

Spuni is the perfect baby’s first spoon, you can purchase a set of 2 online with carrying case for $16.00 here.

When did you introduce solids? What was your baby’s first food?

Disclosure : I received a sample of a product to facilitate this review. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% mine.

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13 responses to “Introducing Solids to Baby with The Perfect Spoon!”

  1. SO cute! OMG! He looks like he loved the banana!

  2. We did rice cereal at around 5 months! He is adorable btw…

  3. Wow! I wish I found this spoon 2 years ago. I had to go through various spoons to find one that worked well for my baby. We started solids at 6 months and his food solid was rice cereal. He loved loved loved butternut squash though!

  4. Never heard of these spoons, love checking out new products. My little ones first food was rice, then squash…

  5. I would definitely purchase these if I saw them in target or walmart.

  6. We introduced solids to our 4 month old baby today with mushed up avocado. I really like the look of this spoon. It looks like it would be a lot easier for baby to get the food into his mouth.

  7. Wow what a neat spoon! My sister just started feeding her baby solids, I should definitely recommend this to her!!

  8. Awwww. Looks like he’s really enjoying that! I think we used bananas or rice cereal the first time…

  9. getting your little one to eat his/her first food off a spoon can be hilarious to watch, have fun

  10. Hes such a cutie,,I enjoyed the first feeding

  11. These spoons look very nice

  12. Nice easy to hold spoon for baby

  13. In the dark ages, when I was mothering small babies, we started them on Pablum at about four months and fruit shortly after that. They seemed to prefer the fruit to the pablum, so some sneaky moms added fruit to the pablum and this worked quite well with some picky infants.
    I love the spoons. Will this stop older babies using the spoon from putting spaghetti everywhere-just asking.

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