We had a hilarious moment on our vacation last week and I thought I would share it here.

A few months ago our neighbor’s child, about the same age as our son, played  the mega famous Psy Gangnam Style video for us  while on a play-date. He was dancing and doing the moves and our son got to see the video for the first time.   After that he started to request to see the video at home so I played it for him on several different occasions. He would never really dance along to it but he definitely seemed to watch the video with a kind of serious intensity.

We spent last week at the Riu Yucatan resort in Mexico where every night they had a kids show where all the kids in the audience could come and participate in various fun music and dance based games like “Musical Chairs”. Each night Aidaan eagerly climbed on stage along with the other kids but he did not really participate, choosing to watch instead while holding the hand of the host.

On our last night there Aidaan was once again on stage with the other kids and had just been given a lollipop when they started playing Gangam style as part of the game. To the surprise of everyone he suddenly busted into a full Gangnam style dance! As soon as the song ended he went back to eating his lollipop as if nothing hand happened. The music started again and he once again started dancing like crazy.

It was so funny for us to see him dancing so seriously to this and doing a bunch of moves he had obviously learned from the video. It just reminded us about how much our little ones are absorbing all the time and that you never know when they are going to surprise you with something they have learned.

Fortunately we captured the whole thing on video and I hope you find it as entertaining as we did:

Feliz Navidad Everyone!