The end of the Summer

With the summer coming to an end in less than one month I am left trying to do as many outdoor activities as I can right NOW.  This has been a very special summer, not only for myself but of course for my little one.  His first summer has been filled with many firsts and I am thrilled to see how much he has grown and changed during this past months.

This week we have been going out a lot and trying to be out in the sun at least an hour or two a day.  It is definitively looking darker outside in the mornings when we wake up and I can feel the Fall approaching.

Time goes by extremely fast and every day I am reminded to live in the present and enjoy every little thing.  I get a chance to be with my son and share so many of his new experiences and I am very grateful about it.

I am really looking forward to the next couple of weeks. I will continue to enjoy this gorgeous Summer with my family.  Continue doing the things we love and going out to explore as much as we can. At the park we can go and watch the ants go, the bees in the flowers, touch the green warm grass and sit quietly listening to nature’s sounds.

What are YOU doing before this Summer ends?

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Angela V

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5 responses to “The end of the Summer”

  1. nice

  2. We can't complain about the weather here – hardly any snow so far. Skiers are not happy campers 🙁

  3. Camping!

  4. forget the “end of summer”, i’m lookin forward to the start of summer- with this weather we have been having, can’t be far off!

  5. And it’s the end of summer again 🙂 but we’re looking forward to this fall <3

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