Traveling Without The Kids – The Guilt

Have you ever travelled without the kids? If you answered yes, have you felt guilty about leaving? I have travelled without my boys before, for work a few times and to see family a couple of other times and every time I end up feeling a bit guilty about leaving.

I was away last weekend for two nights for a super short family visit. Logistically having the boys with me wouldn’t work out, so it was easier for me to travel on my own. They both stayed at home with my husband while I was away. I love travelling as a family and prefer to have everyone with me when away; however, it doesn’t’ always work out for every trip.

Traveling without the kids - The Guilt

Before leaving I made sure to clean the house from top to bottom, I sorted all the laundry and even cancelled extra classes and appointments to make sure they weren’t rushing everywhere and had a more relaxing weekend.  Even after doing all of that, and knowing I was only gone for a couple of nights, I felt some mom guilt. 

Why did I feel some guilt? I wasn’t going away to spend a week at a resort in Mexico, and even then I don’t think you should feel guilty about. We all need some personal time sometimes. I had a reason for my trip, and I ensured it didn’t disrupt the kids too much, and I wasn’t gone for too long.

At the end of the day, my kids were happy, and they were well taken care of by my husband. They survived the few days without me, and everything was o.k.

I want my children to know that it is o.k. to take the time and go away for a bit to do something that is important, whether it is work-related or something to do with your family. I want them to understand that they can be o.k. without me for a few days and that their Dad will be there to care for them.

Being a stay at home mother is a huge responsibility, but it doesn’t mean you are not allowed to take care of the important things in your life as well. When something comes up that requires travelling on my own, I always check with my husband and see if our schedule allows for me to go away for a bit. I hope next time I go away I feel less guilt. At the end of the day, we all appreciate our time together a bit more after spending some time apart.

If you have travelled without your children before. Have you felt the mom guilt?

Traveling without the kids - The Guilt

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13 responses to “Traveling Without The Kids – The Guilt”

  1. Mommies need breaks too! Enjoy your time and rejuvenate. Never feel guilty for being a busy provider. Over the years of reading your blog, I can see you’re an amazing mom.

  2. Sometimes we just need to get away and it is fine to go. The welcome back is always good.

  3. I wouldn’t feel to guilty, I was one that never went anywhere without my kids, but if I had the opportunity to go without them I would be thrilled, we all need some me time once in awhile and me time also reenergizes us

  4. hubby and i hardly travel ever travel…actually only twice i think. but both times i definitely did not have mom guilt. i was looking forward to seeing them at the end of the few days we were gone but it was definitely needed

  5. I’ve always struggled with the mom guilt but your post helps to put my mind at ease… I haven’t left the family very many times (MAYBE twice) for fear of the guilt. Now that the kids are a little older, maybe it’s time to try again 😉

  6. I haven’t yet travelled without the kids but I’m sure when the time’s right I definitely would :).

  7. I never felt guilty going on holidays without my children but they were teenager then. It’s good to have a break!

  8. I’ve been away leaving my children at home and yes it did make me feel a bit guilty, however it couldn’t be avoided. The kids were fine without me and I did manage to enjoy a little me-time so it was a positive experience.

  9. Sigh. One day I will get the chance to travel either by myself or just with hubby. One day. ;-p

  10. Understandable from a mom’s perspective. Interesting. I see that my aunt might have to deal with this.

  11. There should always be times to enjoy vacations without children.

  12. I have been thinking more and more about taking a girls trip. I could definitely use some time away from the routine of daily life.

  13. I haven’t travelled without my kids, but I always joke that I need a vacation from my family and sometimes I do and for now that is just a coffee run alone. One day I would love to go on a girls trip and I wouldn’t feel guilty at all because I will be able to eat and drink what I want and undisturbed lol.

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