Dick & Jane: Canadian Made AIO Cloth Diaper Review {Giveaway}

Dick & Jane Cloth DiapersI love featuring locally made products and I specially like supporting mom owned and operated businesses.

Annie Allen is the mom behind Dick & Jane Cloth Diapers, she offers a selection of beautiful and unique diapers that are all hand made by her in Ontario, Canada.

I received the Dick & Jane Newsprint AIO diaper to test and I just love it!  Let’s just begin with the super fun and adorable design,  the newspaper print in black and white is just so unique and creative.  I love all of her prints but the newspaper print is definitively my favorite.

Cloth Diaper Newspaper Print

This diaper has an outer cotton woven fabric with layers of polyurethane laminate (PUL) to ensure waterproofing (this layer is hidden) and very absorbent bamboo fleece.  I love that she uses bamboo because that is one of my favorite natural fabrics for cloth diapers.

The inner fabric of the diaper is made with black cotton velour. I appreciate that the velour wicks moisture away from my little one’s skin and  it really helps him stay dry plus it is super super soft.

This AIO diaper has a snap-down rise that allows proper sizing and fits babies from about 8 to 35lbs.   My 25lbs baby didn’t need to have any of the rise rows snapped and I really like how the diaper fits in general.

Newspaper Print Cloth Diaper

The leg elastics help achieve a great fit and the snap closure allows for the best fit in the waist.

Each diaper includes snap-in soakers with layers of cotton velour and bamboo fleece, those keep moisture away from the skin because they are extra absorbent.  You also get an extra booster insert with purchase. I love that everything is included when you purchase the diaper ($30).

I tried the diaper for both nap and night time and I had no leaks.  I only trust bamboo diapers for night time protection and I was happy to see that the Dick & Jane diaper kept my little one dry all night long.  This is a wonderful brand and I recommend you visit her etsy shop and Facebook page to see all of her other amazing designs.

Win it: One lucky reader from US/CAN will win a Dick & Jane Cloth Diaper of their choice.  So many unique prints!  Enter the giveaway via Rafflecopter below.

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Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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  2. The Blue and pink shabby chic rose is my fav.

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  5. Comic speech bubble print is beyond adorable!

  6. OMG I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the newspaper print. I have to have it!

  7. i like comic bubble speech

  8. I love the bubble print.

  9. I love the Leafy yellow and turquoise one-size fitted cloth diaper! The newspaper print is awesome as well!

  10. That newsprint diaper is adorable!

  11. The multicoloured pokadot NB is cute

  12. Blue and pink shabby chic rose AIO (all in one) one size cloth diaper

  13. The newspaper print!

  14. mushroom print

  15. Blue and pink shabby chic rose AIO

  16. I like multi-colored polka dots

  17. I like the yellow and blue comic diaper!

  18. Mushroom

  19. I like the Multi-coloured polkadots

  20. My favorite is Blue and pink shabby chic rose!

  21. I like the blue and yellow comic strip print

  22. I love the comic strip prints and the pink and purple hearts!!! i love them all!!

  23. Leafy yellow and turquoise

  24. I looove the Mushroom print!

  25. yellow comic speech bubble…so cute!

  26. Love the exotic red and yellow damask!

  27. Loving the Exotic Red and Yellow Damask!

  28. I love the comic speech bubble print! So cute!

  29. I love the Mushroom print! It’s so adorable!

  30. Purple/Red Hearts one size AI2 (all in two) cloth diaper

  31. I like the mushroom print and the multi-coloured owls on black that she has on her FB page

  32. I love the cherries print. I have been looking for a cherry diaper. These look amazing and seem very affordable to comparable “boutique” style diapers.

  33. I love both gnome fabrics on her fb page but think that I like the traveling gnomes best.

    • email sub = magickmoon73 at yahoo dot com

  34. I like the multi-coloured polkadots.

  35. I like the Blue and yellow comic speech bubble print one-size AI2 (all in two) cloth diaper

  36. I like multicolored numbers!

  37. I love the Purple/Red Hearts one size
    andrea.kruse at gmail dot com

  38. Would love an AIO in April in Paris!!

  39. The mushroom print is pretty exciting 🙂

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  41. I like the comic speech bubble print!

  42. I love the newspaper print makes the diaper fashion looking!

  43. mushroom

  44. I really like the one you have but I’d have to go for the Blue and yellow comic speech bubble print one-size AI2 (all in two) cloth diaper!

  45. purple red hearts

  46. Blue and yellow comic speech bubble print

  47. I like the leafy yellow and turquiose OS fitted.

  48. favourite pattern is leafy yellow & turquoise

  49. LOVE the newsprint! Expecting twin boys so I like very boyish prints

  50. I love the blue and yellow comic speech bubble print!

  51. i love the yellow com speech bubble one! so cute

  52. Given the choices I would have to say the “Blue & yellow comic speech bubble” is my favorite

  53. The Exotic red and yellow damask NEWBORN fitted cloth diaper is my *current favorite 🙂 ngiraldi at gmail dot com

  54. My fav is leafy yellow and turquoise!

  55. I like the yellow speech bubble AI2. I also really like the mushroom print but that’s only listed as a newborn

  56. Of what’s in there now I like the multi-colored dots pattern,

  57. I love the Mushroom print NEWBORN fitted cloth diaper

  58. I like the newspaper print and the multi-coloured polkadot! Adorable!

  59. I love the blue and yellow comic book print. But I think the newspaper is my fav. It is so unique!

  60. I love the mushroom print one!

  61. Blue and yellow comic speech bubble print one-size AI2

  62. Saw the newpaper print on Pinterest – my newspaper editor partner would love to see out daughter in it.

  63. I like the Multi-coloured polkadots diaper

  64. I love the newspaper print so very much!

  65. I love rainbow frogs!

  66. I like the Blue and yellow comic speech bubble print .

  67. The “be a man” print is different!

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  69. I love all of them, but I think the kaleidoscope is my favourite 🙂

  70. i like the blue and yellow comic

  71. Favorite one in their store at the moment is the blue and yellow comic speech BUT the Newsprint has got to be my favorite 😀

  72. I actually like spring time the best, but would choose the blue comic speech bubble print because I’m trying to stay more gender neutral with my diapers these days

  73. I love Springtime.

  74. April 20-I chose the “Pretty kaleidoscope AI2 one-size cloth diaper”.-el03ro

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  78. I like Be a Man print!

  79. Love the” be a man” print!

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  81. i LOVE the springtime AI2!

  82. I like the Comic Speech Bubbles!

  83. I like the multi colored polka dots

  84. Like the 70’s owls

  85. the polka dots look fun!!

  86. Love the Bright 70’s owl print!

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  88. I like the multi coloured polka dots!

  89. I love the newspaper print!

  90. i like pretty kaleidescope

  91. I love the Comic speech bubble print in the yellow with the red and black stars and accents. I just love the colours. So bright and fun!!

  92. I like the yellow Comic Speech Bubble print

  93. I love the Bright 70s Owls!

  94. I like the 70s owls, but I would prefer the newsprint ones if they were available!

  95. Love this diaper with the newsprint. So very unique and fun! I worked at a newspaper for 9 years, would love this for my new baby but it’s sold out. 🙁

  96. these are the CUTEST little diapers ever! I love the newspaper look its a joke in our family to pretend to wrap the baby in the funnies now!

  97. I love the newsprint design! How awesome is that?

  98. love aio’s!!

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