Hazelwood teething necklace

If you are a parent then you know that children suffer from intense teething pains {my son is teething constantly with seamingly no breaks in between new teeth popping up!} and the pain can be hard on your baby and on yourself.

I try to help my son as much as I can with natural, non-drug solutions and I have successfully used amber teething necklaces before to relieve his pain.

We recently tried out a Hazelwood + Larvikite Teething Pain Necklace from kael&kaedΒ and I am now going to introduce you to the wonders of Hazelwood.

Hazelwood has been used by aboriginal peoples as a neutralizer for a long time. Hazelwood neutralizes the acidity of the body and creates an alkaline environment that helps relieve and prevent problems like baby teething, eczema, migrane, morning sickness, arthritis and many other conditions.

Wearing a necklace that is in contact with the skin allows for the levels of acidity to neutralize and this is how hazelwood can help a teething baby.

Kael&Kaed’s Hazelwood Necklaces are 100% handmade in Canada and they can last up to 12 months (3-6 months depending on the beginning levels of acidity). Β After the beads darken you must replace the necklace as the neutralizing effects are reduced and a new necklace would be more beneficial.

The hazelwood necklaces are made with baby’s safety in mind, allowing the clasps to open on either end if the necklace is under a lot of tension. Keep in mind that they are not a toy and require adult supervision while being worn (as babies are not supposed to chew on the stones).

Teething Necklace for Baby

I have noticed a difference when my son is wearing the necklace those days when he is in a lot of teething pain or when he is extremely cranky, it isn’t instantaneous but it is definitively noticeable.

I truly believe in the benefits of using Hazelwood and I always keep the necklace handy.

My son had a couple of baths while wearing the necklace already and it has not been damaged because of the water, I believe the necklace is made with very high quality materials.

Be sure to visit kael&kaed to find out more information about their hazelwood necklaces and all of the other eco-friendly products they offer.

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