5-Must Have Spring Break Essentials {Giveaway US$216 value!}

We have been getting a bit more sun lately in Vancouver, and it is finally starting to feel like spring is on the way. I even saw a few flowers already blooming on my walk with the dog today. So exciting you guys!

We are done with the winter now and can’t wait for some sunny, warm days in the future.  

If you are also looking forward to Spring Break and enjoying time outdoors with your little ones then the following 5 Spring Break essentials from bblüv are must-haves.

Are you heading to the beach and the pool? Keep reading, and enter to WIN them ALL! Don’t miss this huge giveaway.


5-Must Have Spring Break Essentials Giveaway {$216 value!}

1. bblüv Arenä – Pop-up Beach Pool

The Arenä-Pop-up Beach Pool is something that almost any mom of little ones will appreciate in warm weather.  Whether at the park, the beach, or even out in your front yard you can find that this pool takes up a small amount of space, but a huge amount of time for your baby.  Moms will also love that it is easy to set up and clean.  That it comes with a compact bucket that is also collapsible is a great bonus as well.


  • The Arenä pool is ideal for cooling down your baby and have fun paddling at the beach
  • Durable and waterproof fabric
  • The pop-up system allows for instant set up
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with a compact and collapsible bucket
  • Carry bag included

$29.99 USD

2. bblüv Sunkitö Anti-UV Pop-Up Play Tent with Mosquito Net

While our children are thinking of fun in the sun, we are thinking of fun and safety.  Most of us may enjoy time outside, but the rays from the sun can be harmful, and those pesky bugs can be irritating for anyone, including kids.  WIth this pop-up play tent parents can help protect their young ones from the harmful rays of the sun while they are having fun outdoors.  It also has an amazing mosquito net to keep the irritating bugs out.


  • Perfect for the beach, park or the playroom
  • The pop-up system makes the folding & unfolding easy
  • Protects from the sun (SPF 50+), sand, wind and mosquitoes
  • Mosquito net protects from unwanted bugs and helps with napping
  • Integrated smart pocket to tuck in the mosquito mesh when needed
  • Includes a rear window with a mosquito mesh and a roll-up window
  • Carry bag and three tent poles included
  • Folds flat for easy travel

$54.99 USD

3. bblüv Shoöz Protective Water Shoes

Almost every child loves having fun in the water.  Protecting their little feet while doing so is of the utmost importance.  These shoes are awesome in that they are ideal for the beach as well as the pool.  It also gets hot at the beach, so these are an awesome way to protect little feet from the scorching sand.  Traction is also something to consider when in the water, and these shoes have great non-slip soles.  While most kids may find themselves losing shoes, these have a bonus of floating on water so they won’t be so easy to get lost.


  • Ideal for both the beach and the pool
  • Protect baby’s feet from hot sand, shells, sharp rocks, wood splinters, and the rough surface around the pools
  • Soft, isolated and durable neoprene fabric that keeps feet warm
  • Ultra flexible and non-slip soles for reliable traction
  • Easy to slip on and take off
  • They float on water, so they never get lost
  • Vibrant colours and stimulating patterns
  • Very light
  • Machine washable & dry very quickly
  • Available in 2 colours (Aqua/Grey) and four sizes (1 to 4 years old)

$14.99 USD

4. bblüv Ültra Complete Diaper Bag

This diaper bag is so useful with a lot of compartments.  It is spacious, and it cleans easily.  Moms will love that there are 16 pockets that they can make use of.  Pouches for your baby’s pacifier, their food, and even their blanket makes for packing for a day away so much more organized.  It is no secret that every mom needs more than two arms, and with this diaper bag carrying things makes a mother’s life so much easier.


  • Spacious, easy to clean interior with removable separator
  • Easy to access innovative side wipes compartment
  • 16 practical pockets and sections, including a built-in wet bag
  • Extra large size changing pad complete with pockets and carry strap so it can be used separately
  • Includes a pacifier pouch, an insulated food bag and a fleece blanket
  • Comes with a padded strap and universal connector that fits most strollers
  • Durable, made of sturdy material and reinforced the bottom

$89.99 USD

5. bblüv Üvi 4-in-1 Portable Pacifier & Nipple UV Sterilizer

Moms are always concerned with germs being around their children.  What is on the baby’s pacifier or the bottle nipples?  Sanitizing these objects helps keep down germs and sickness.  This sterilizer is great in that it can sanitize so many things for your baby.  It doesn’t use any chemicals, and it has a compact design.  With it being easy to use and quick to sanitize it’s a mom’s dream come true!


  • Portable compact design
  • Hygienic and safe
  • Durable UV bulb
  • Quick sanitizer
  • Easy to use

$25.99 USD


Win it: One very lucky CAN/US reader will win all of the 5 Spring Break Essentials from bblüv (US$216 value!). Enter to WIN via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck, friends.

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Disclosure: This is a partnered post with bblüv. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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119 responses to “5-Must Have Spring Break Essentials {Giveaway US$216 value!}”

  1. We are going to Disneyland 🙂 Would love to win!

  2. We are staying local, hitting the beach, local parks and museums.

  3. Taking the kids to the zoo and the Children’s Museum

  4. I am going to spend them with my Dad who is 92 and all alone.I have been doing this since my Mom passed away several years ago.I feel good about it.There will be time to travel later on.

  5. Spending it in Florida , hopefully on the beach.

  6. Our spring break plans include lots of beach time since we live near by!

  7. We’re going to do some deep spring cleaning/purging, and projects around the house! Hopefully it’s nice enough out to go to a park and play outside, too!!

  8. I will be cleaning and clearing up some clutter. Way overdue.

  9. We are going to visit Nana and Pops. My sons first plan ride!

  10. We will be hanging out at home, some trips within the city.

  11. I plan on spring cleaning and visiting family.

  12. I don’t have any plans 🙂

  13. No immediate plans but after that we are going on a trip.

  14. We don’t have any plans, hopefully it will be warm and we can get out to the park!

  15. It will be a Spring Staycation for the family this year. We plan to visit local attractions in town.

  16. I do not have any plans for spring break

  17. We are taking some time to rest and spend quality time together as a family. Games, movies, and lots of reading and playing. Thanks! 🙂

  18. We are going to a cabin with friends for part of the week. We still have lots of snow so we will be enjoying winter activities for now.

  19. We are thinking about taking a trip to FL

  20. We’re doing a road trip from Vancouver, BC to Palm Springs, CA.

  21. Stay at home mom, the usual with a few playdates

  22. Catching up with some anime.. the previous seasons

  23. Spend time with my friends and family and watch Netflix.

  24. Our grandson will be staying with us for March Break, so we’re looking forward to having lots of fun with him.

  25. Spring break will just be working, im afraid!

  26. We have to work, but I’ll take a few days off!

  27. We plan on going to New York City for a few days and then come back and relax, even do some spring cleaning 🙂

  28. We don’t have any plans.

  29. I will be having my one grandson sleeping over for a few nights during March break.

  30. Well we have a dr appointment for my oldest daughter, a birthday party, visiting 2 grandmas and play dates with some cousins!

  31. This spring break, we are enjoying family time at home. We are taking an extended vacation later this summer. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity.

  32. No plans as of yet.

  33. My son will turn 12 this spring break and we plan to go to Great Wolf Lodge!

  34. I plan to work this March Break!

  35. Same as usual! Keeping small people alive and trying not to go crazy.

  36. We’re going to stay home this spring break and enjoy our local parks.

  37. Wow! We care for my granddaughter and I definitely Italy think we could use these. What great ideas.

  38. It will be cold here for March breach so we are going to play board games, watch movies, and take the kids to a local magician. But we just booked a cabin by the beach for a week in the summertime, can’t wait till the weather warms up and the snow melts!

  39. We’re staying home and enjoying family activities,,, making cookies will be on the list.

  40. We are planning a birthday celebration with family.

  41. I’m hoping to take my daughter to the aquarium.

  42. We are planning of staying locally and visiting parks

  43. I don’t have any plans for Spring Break – I don’t even technically know when it is lol. My son is only one and I’ll be working full-time. Hopefully we can have a fun weekend though! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  44. We are going to Phoenix!

  45. Stay-cation for this family! Husband has to work during spring break 😢

  46. I will be working for spring break!

  47. I don’t have any plans for Spring Break.

  48. We don’t have any plans for spring break this year, other than staying local and finding some local programs to participate in. That diaper bag is adorable, by the way!

  49. Staying at home as of now 🙂

  50. I’m working spring break.

  51. No plans for spring break – just try to avoid the crowds.

  52. I plan to get outside and hike over spring break.

  53. Staying at home this year.I will go explore on hikes and picnics. Try make some great memories.

  54. We are having one of my daughter’s birthday party and then going out to enjoy our city.

  55. Hoping to stay in with a good book.

  56. I just went to Las Vegas so I celebrated my spring break early this year. The week of spring break my kids will be home & we will go sledding if we still have snow.

  57. no plans this year

  58. No plans for spring break. Maybe a play place and arcade.

  59. Visiting great granny in toronto

  60. We don’t really have plans for spring break this year

  61. We plan on soaking in some vitamin D while getting wet

  62. Unfortunately no travel plans for spring break. I will be working this year.

  63. Lots of park time picnics and outdoor stuff with 7 kids

  64. I am going to do some spring cleaning, movie watching, and garden planting for the break.

  65. No plans for us this year.

  66. For spring break I plan to do some spring cleaning!

  67. We did several day trips over spring break and a lot of cleaning!

  68. My plans are to sleep! I’m due April 7th, so I want to get all the rest I can!

  69. Im throwing a baby shower

  70. having my grand kids over for 3 days…then their parents can create activities for the rest of the week

  71. I plan to spend spring break in Florida – where this could prize could really be put to good use on the beach!

  72. We are doing a staycation with a hotel stay that has a pool

  73. Going to local attractions

  74. I’ll be working. Yippee skippy.

  75. i plan on cleaning everything

  76. A trip to the beach for a little fun in the sun.

  77. Good luck. Huggies.

  78. lots of day trips! aquarium, library, and more

  79. We’re going to California to play at the beach.

  80. We are staying home relaxing with the fur kids ❤

  81. Maybe to some museums and my daughter has a sleep study

  82. I am going with my husband to Vegas!

  83. No plans yet…

  84. I am preparing for a baby that is due in May!

  85. Our plans include going to Turtle Fest at the Loggerhead Marinelife Center.

  86. plan to chill at home with the grandbaby to give his mum a spring break too

  87. Not much planned but maybe some food adventures with the little one for brunch and ice cream.

  88. work

  89. My plans for spring break are to clean and get the house ready for my first bundle of joy. Also, to celebrate my birthday.

  90. I’m just chilling out March break 🙂

  91. We are having a stay cation this spring break. We will however be hitting the science museam and parks!

  92. We are staying home and will play at local parks and beaches!

  93. No plans yet, staying home, catching up on cleaning

  94. We are doing LEGO land

  95. Our spring break is over. We did not have any plans as I had to work. Luckily I ended up getting a day off and took my boys skating & out to lunch.

  96. We are planning to just stay home and get some relaxing done for spring break!

  97. I have no traveling plans for Spring Break so I will be at home relaxing 🙂

  98. We are going to take a drive up north and enjoy the outdoors with our kids.

  99. No plans, just relaxing!

  100. No plans! Just lots of relaxation

  101. “Tell me, what are your plans for Spring Break?” To go antiquing.

  102. No plans. I am already a Grandma and on Spring Break all the time really. lol I want to win these items for my daughter and her baby mostly!

  103. Resting and completing taxes.

  104. I plan on doing a lot of yard work. We had a lot of much needed rain which caused a lot of weeds.

  105. Spending time with family

  106. Hanging out with loved ones.

  107. Visiting local parks and museums

  108. no plans yet might do some spring cleaning

  109. I plan on staying local this Spring Break.

  110. Just going to some local parks

  111. Ocean City for Spring break!

  112. No plans. Just some tv watching.

  113. We didn’t do much on our spring break kids are still little.

  114. Enjoying warmer weather and playing at parks!

  115. No plans just spending time with family.

  116. We just spent a weekend at the lake 2 weeks ago. We are actually putting an offer in on a house Monday so no big trip this spring break. But we are planning on a weekend trip to the zoo.

  117. Nothing this year because we have an infant.

  118. Finally going to get outside and also finish some cleaning.

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