5 NEW Spring Book Recommendations For Your Kid’s Home Library {Giveaway}

Spring is finally here! And even though some places in Canada still have lots of snow, we are thankfully finally seeing more green, flowers, and birds around in Vancouver. Hoping the rest of the country follows and we can all enjoy the beauty of Spring.

This month’s NEW Spring Book Recommendations For Your Kid’s Home Library are all just perfect for the season.

5 New Spring Book Recommendations For Your Kid's Home Library

5 NEW Spring Book Recommendations For Your Kid's Home Library {Giveaway}

5 NEW Spring Book Recommendations For Your Kid's Home Library {Giveaway}

5 NEW Spring Book Recommendations For Your Kid’s Home Library {Giveaway}

  1. My Book of Rocks and Minerals: A children’s visual reference that explains what rocks and minerals are, how they form, and how they’re used, and even highlights record breakers and amazing facts.My Book of Rocks and Minerals is filled with fascinating facts about and amazing images of rocks, minerals, gems, and fossils from the deepest caves to outer space. Features introduce different categories, from crystals to glow-in-the-dark minerals, and illuminating images provide a closer look and show amazing geological formations. Kids can take their fascination even one step further and use the catalog and activity pages to help them collect and group rocks and discover how different rock types fit into the world around them. —  Both my boys have a little collection of rocks and gems they love going through the book to find out what they have. Lots of stunning pictures and easy to understand explanations on what minerals are,  where to find gems, how to create a collection and more!
  2. What’s Weird on Earth: Geography, history, STEM concepts, sociology, reading, technology, and more come together in this exciting and educational atlas that presents the world’s weirdest facts visually on maps. See hidden underground waterways and ancient patterns carved in desert sand. Learn how 29,000 rubber duckies helped scientists trace ocean currents after a shipwreck. See where lightning strikes the most on Earth, and where it never strikes at all. See maps from previous centuries to understand how people perceive the planet thousands of years ago. Planet Earth will never seem the same again. —  The perfect book for curious little minds, so many interesting facts to learn. My 7-year-old son loves to read this book.
  3. What’s that Bird?: Is that a purple martin or a blue jay? Perfect for beginning birders, What’s That Bird? is an indispensable pocket guide that includes full-color photographs and illustrations of more than 150 common birds, and instructs bird watchers how to identify different birds and how to tell them apart.  —   This book came at the perfect time for us. We just got a bird-house set up on our window last week and the kids have been enjoying bird watching. Now they can check the “What’s that Bird?” book when they want to know more about the birds stopping by. 
  4. I Can Grow a Flower: Teach your child how a tiny seed grows into a flower in this fascinating lift-the-flap garden story. A pullout height chart ends the book–a great way for children to remember how a sunflower grows, and to measure how fast your child grows, too! Through illustrations, photography, and flaps, sixteen delightful board book pages reveal the wonder of how plants grow as you follow the story of a mystery seed. How was it planted? What does it need? What will it become? — Our 4-year-old loves flap books and he enjoys reading this book. The colourful explanations are great for his age group and capture his attention fully. 
  5. Forest Life and Woodland Creatures:  Packed with fun activities, crafts, reading games, and amazing facts, kids can meet all the cuddly creatures and amazing sights found in the woods—from bunnies to bears to bugs—in this educational project book. In Forest Life and Woodland Creatures, each page has engaging photographs with clear text and simple step-by-step instructions for young readers to follow as they complete each project. Kids can get crafty as they create a pinecone owl, a bear mask, delicious berry ice pops, and much more. —  This book has some super fun activities and crafts. Perfect for little ones who love the outdoors and enjoy making fun projects, the book encourages you to get outside and collect materials from nature to use in the crafts, like seeds, grass, leaves, etc.

5 NEW Spring Book Recommendations For Your Kid's Home Library {Giveaway}


To celebrate Spring, we are giving away a set of “Forest Life” and “I Can Grow A Flower”. One lucky Canadian reader will receive both books. Enter to WIN below, via Rafflecopter. Good luck friends!

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with DK Books. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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  1. We are planting a garden this year.

  2. We are planting flowers as well

  3. Some veggies and flowers, yes!

  4. We plant cabbage, carrots and potatoes, sometimes sunflowers

  5. Lettuce and carrots this year 🙂

  6. I plant a whole bunch of flowers. LOTS! and trees. I like trees

  7. I plant flowers but I’m not a good gardener.

  8. We plant flowers and even though we are limited on space, we have tomatoes and cucumbers in container pots on the back deck.

  9. Last year we attempted radishes and beets

  10. We have a veggie garden and we plant flowers and shrubs.

  11. I plant wild flowers and then start on my veggie garden. I mix it up with tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and lettuce.

  12. Oh i cant wait to plant my garden .my children likes helping me by planting the seeds. I have lots off flowers too. Thanks for this amazing chance.

  13. We plant flowers and a garden

  14. Yes we start our outside plants in door in the spring.

  15. We will be planting veggies in our community garden patch!

  16. No, I do not plan anything during the spring, I buy plants/flowers for the home though.

  17. Last year we grew cucumbers and tomatoes…hoping for more variety this year and some beautiful wildflowers for the bees. 🙂

  18. We plant flowers and tomatoes!

  19. We plant a lot of flowers and this year my daughter really wants to grow a pumpkin. I try and add some perennials every year as well.

  20. I am a flower fanatic. I check to see how many perennials have survived the winter. Then I divide any that need dividing and replant. Then I buy replacements for bare spots. I buy annuals to make a splash of color where it is needed. The nurseries love me!

  21. Yes! Berries like strawberries and raspberries.

  22. We start our vegetable gardens in the spring – with covers and slowly putter about in the gardens adding plants as the weather warms such as annual herbs, etc.

  23. We plant sunflowers. We have had pretty good luck with them the past few years. They grow to be about 6 feet tall.

  24. I’m hoping to plant some flowers and some veggies.

  25. We plant flowers and a vegetable garden.

  26. Absolutely we plant things in the spring! A vegetable patch and always lots and lots of sunflowers!

  27. We plants herbs, some veggies and are changing out the flower beds later this spring

  28. We need to plant an entire garden this year. We usually do a mixture of perennials and annuals.

  29. We plant radishes and lettuce in the spring in our garden.

  30. I love to get out in the garden and plant my flowers it gives me such peace and Joy I have planted some but more to come

  31. I’d love to plant flowers but I have a really great knack of killing plants so I’ve pretty much given up.

  32. Last year I planted tomatoes, but the dog kept eating them from the plant. This year, unfortunately, they are redoing the town water tower, so we can’t use outdoor water

  33. I would like the plant basil.

  34. I’m not very good in the garden, I mostly help my mom doing stuff with hers.

  35. I plant veggies each spring and sometimes a new plant or bush in the flower garden

  36. I bought qute a few bulbs that I planted in the fall, not one green thing coming up yet. I have lilies as well and I will be buying bedding plants SOON I hope to do the front part of the yard as well as near my trelis

  37. We plant herbs, tomatoes and flowers.

  38. We plant herbs that we use a lot for cooking and tomatoes, because my daughter loves tomatoes!

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