Easily Transitioning From a Toddler Bed To a Big Kid Bed

Disclosure: Leesa® provided a free product for us to review. However, all opinions stated here are my own. 

Easily Transitioning From a Toddler Bed To a Big Kid Bed

Transitioning your child from a toddler bed to a big kid bed doesn’t need to be a lot of work. I managed to do it successfully, all from the comfort of my own home and both my youngest son and I are loving his new twin bed set up.

Easily Transitioning From a Toddler Bed To a Big Kid Bed

Even though our son was ready for the switch, I admit that I was delaying the transition a bit this time around and I was a bit hesitant to do it.  I just wasn’t looking forward to visiting the mattress store, dealing with pushy sales people and then paying lots of money to get it delivered, knowing that I would have to stay at home all day waiting for the delivery.

Enter the easy solution, Leesa®.

Leesa® is an innovative direct-to-consumer online mattress brand that is also socially conscious. You can shop online and their high quality, American-made mattresses ship compressed in a box to your door. So cool! They also offer a 100-night sleep trial, and you get FREE shipping via UPS.

Leesa’s® patented Universal Adaptive Feel™ is designed for all types of sleepers and features three premium foam layers:

  • 2-inch Avena™ foam top layer for cooling and breathability
  • 2-inch memory foam middle layer for body contouring and pressure relief
  • 6-inch dense core support foam for durability and structure for sleepers of all sizes

Leesa®  is available in the US, UK, Canada, and Germany and I love that they plant one tree for every mattress sold and the company donates 1% of each employee’s time to volunteer for local causes. My type of company.

After receiving our mattress, I ordered a bed frame and some cute bed sheets from Amazon and my son’s bed was ready for him without having to leave the house. He was so excited to get a big boy bed like his big brother’s.

Check out how easy unboxing and set up was in this video we put together, it took us only a few minutes and he even helped.

Our son has had the best sleep since making the switch, and I love that I now get to cuddle with him on his bed when reading books before bedtime. The other day we finished story time and I ended up falling asleep with him for a bit. Yes, the mattress is THAT comfortable. Actually, I am now trying to convince my husband to get a Leesa® mattress for us as well. Fingers crossed!

If you are shopping for a new mattress, I highly recommend you consider a new Leesa® mattress.  Right now they are also offering my readers $130 CAD or $125 USD off the Leesa® Mattress using code: SMILEYMONKEY. Don’t miss it, friends!

You can visit their website for more information on their mattresses and their other offerings, the  Leesa® Pillow, blanket, sheets, foundation, and frame.  Click HERE.

Easily Transitioning From a Toddler Bed To a Big Kid Bed

Disclosure: Leesa® provided a free product for us to review. However, all opinions stated here are my own. 

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  1. Looks like an awesome mattress and he looks so happy.

  2. We are looking for a new mattress for our eldest so this is great timing. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. I love that you don’t have to go to the store to look at mattresses. Who has that kind of time?

  4. That transition into a toddler bed is such a hard one for us parents! But it looks like you’re setting him up for great success with a new mattress!!

  5. Crib to big kid bed is always a tough one ! But I bet he’s loving his new mattress:)

  6. what a wonderful mattress. I will have to look into this for my youngest

  7. great mattress for your young one

  8. This caught my eye because we are transitioning our daughter from a crib to a single bed. Your son looks so happy which makes me believe my daughter will be fine with the big move.

  9. Compact and shipped straight to home, very nice well made temperature regulated mattress

  10. These mattresses sound awesome!! I’m sure your son loves his new bed!!

  11. We are getting close to needing to transition to a toddler bed for my son. I remember it being easy for my daughter, but he is a little daredevil so I’m interested to see how it goes.

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