5 Pharmacy Services You’re Probably Not Aware Of

March is Pharmacist Awareness Month and the perfect time to educate yourself about the variety of services offered by pharmacists. When was the last time you went to your local pharmacy for something other than to fill a prescription? Below I am sharing some of the other convenient and helpful services pharmacists can provide to you and your family.

  • Administer travel vaccines and other vaccines like the shingles and flu vaccines:  Travelling abroad anytime soon? Your pharmacist can review your travel plans and recommend preventative measures including immunizations before your trip. You can also speak to your pharmacist about the shingles or flu vaccine. In most provinces, pharmacists are able to administer the vaccines right in the pharmacy.
  • Diabetes Management: Your pharmacist can help you learn more about living well with diabetes. If you or somebody you love suffers from diabetes, you can schedule a time to speak to your pharmacist and they can help you make sense of your medications, select a blood glucose monitor, monitor your blood glucose by providing practical tips and instructions and more. They can even help you plan healthy meals, get physically active and give you information on other diabetes-related topics.
  • Heart Health: Monitoring your blood pressure is important and easy to do with the many easy-to-use, in-store blood pressure machines available. After you are done checking your blood pressure, you can speak with your pharmacist to help you review your blood pressure measurement results. They can also help when understanding blood pressure education and food/other medicine interactions.
  • Renew Your Prescription: Did you know that in some provinces pharmacists can review your medication and help you renew your prescription if you are in a pinch? Your pharmacist may be able to provide a prescription renewal to ensure you don’t miss a dose and then inform your regular doctor of any prescriptions that they renew for you.  Such a fantastic service! It sure doesn’t replace regular checkups with your doctor, but it is a convenient option to use if you have to.
  • Nutritional Advice:  You can ask your pharmacist for nutritional information, they can help you make healthy food choices and educate you on eating well. If you are looing for nutritional advice speaking to a Registered Dietitian is also a very good idea.

Next time you visit your local pharmacy remember the convenient extra services pharmacist can provide.


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  1. Oh, man – I did submit my story just a few minutes ago, through the link, but I closed the link before I realized I needed to paste it here, and, now, when I go back to the link it just says “You’ve already completed this survey”, so now I can’t post the link. Am I still entered into the contest? Thanks!


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    • As long as you did your entry you are good. It’s just the link at the end of the survey to show me you completed it.

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    Shoppers drug mart can not afford to hire full time staff but the giveaways are endless ???

    They just did 50 gift cards for 100 bucks each last week? So 5000 bucks

    Just wondering Angie but who hooked you up with this giveaway ?

    • Maybe try contacting Shoppers directly to express your concern. Thanks!

  4. Shoot – i did the survey and thought at the end it would give me a link to cooy & paste and it did not and i left that page now do i cant even go back & get it….?!? Am i still entered?

    • As long as you did your entry you are good. It’s just the link at the end of the survey to show me you completed it.

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    • Thanks for letting me know 🙂

  7. Well they always seem to be so happy because they are always smiling and just seem to be happy to be working there. After picking up a prescription they always ask if I have any Questions about my drugs that I am picking up.

  8. https://www.surveymonkey.com/survey-thanks/?sm=jpzkkjOvrgkyzVnbwcd9ccoVBiPe5KWnzqZ9eaYZauxOdk8JSXq_2BWpdUF56DkFJY8sr1bDG8yS1tyEeqhrSafg_3D_3D

    My pharmacist assessed my symptoms, prescribed medication and filled my prescription for a simple bladder infection. Saved me HOURS to waiting at the walk in clinic.

  9. I entered at Shoppers and monkey survey!

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  12. Yay, I did the survey. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/5NJFPWP . Thank you for the kindness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂

  13. I did the survey but never got an link at the end .

  14. I love my pharmacist – he’s amazing at what he does. Actually he often helps me out if we need more information about drug interactions and he’s a wealth of information. I think they are often not recognized for how awesome they are. I did know about most of these roles actually. I did not know about the nutrition category though. Ours has extra training in diabetes education. I think that’s awesome.


  15. https://www.surveymonkey.com/survey-taken/?sm=w55uNlpUMFzDYE8z4fwl_2FqkwsWzvdVy8o_2B3j5bx31asJ0xpkaM8EfyZSi_2BPp1oLpblGPCIP_2BKIjRwUi1_2BFzb1w_3D_3D

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  19. Here is the link to my survey and I must say the Pharmacist at our local Shoppers is amazing. 🙂 https://www.surveymonkey.com/survey-thanks/?sm=jpzkkjOvrgkyzVnbwcd9ccoVBiPe5KWnzqZ9eaYZauxOdk8JSXq_2BWpdUF56DkFJY8sr1bDG8yS1tyEeqhrSafg_3D_3D

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  21. I hope this was the correct link… I didn’t know where it was :/

  22. One smiley monkey

  23. https://www.surveymonkey.com/survey-thanks/?sm=jpzkkjOvrgkyzVnbwcd9ccoVBiPe5KWnzqZ9eaYZauxOdk8JSXq_2BWpdUF56DkFJY8sr1bDG8yS1tyEeqhrSafg_3D_3D

    the free flu shot usually comes to my home town but I was unable to get off work in time (they’re only there for 3 short hours) but I knew I had the option to get it in the city (And the wait time was 3 min for me instead of 20-25 min wait at the center) Guess where I’ll be going next time instead!!!

  24. I have a great pharmacist, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I always go to him for my flu jab too.

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