Alfred – Smart Home Touchscreen Deadbolt {Giveaway}

Have you ever wanted to have your own personal concierge for your home? Alfred, the new smart home touchscreen deadbolt is that and more. Designed to look modern and fit your home design, it features the perfect balance between style, security and usability.

Alfred - Smart Home Touchscreen Deadbolt {Giveaway}

Alfred - Smart Home Touchscreen Deadbolt {Giveaway}

Alfred Smart Locks allow you to select the option that suits your needs best, including picking a keyed or keyless version. The DB1, Alfred’s entry-level smart deadbolt, allows users to unlock the unit with up to 20 different pin codes, including one-time codes and time-sensitive codes. 

The best is that you can also simply unlock the unit with a touch when your phone is nearby with One-Touch access. So super convenient, especially when you have your hands full. You can also opt for Z-Wave technology or a Wifi Bridge for more advanced connectivity, allowing you to connect Alfred to Google Home or Alexa and unlock your door through voice command. 

Alfred - Smart Home Touchscreen Deadbolt {Giveaway}

Alfred Smart Locks are easy to install, meet residential high-rise codes and feature a hardened steel roller for enhanced security. 

With Alfred’s DB2 and DB2-B models, you can also choose between Black, Chrome or Gold finishes, to further customize your front door. 

You can learn more about Alfred’s DB1 and DB2 models, including pricing and additional features on their website


Win it: One lucky Canadian reader will win an Alfred smart lock of their choosing. Up to $299.99 value for the higher feature model.

Enter to win via Rafflecopter below. Good luck friends!

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Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Alfred. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.


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121 responses to “Alfred – Smart Home Touchscreen Deadbolt {Giveaway}”

  1. This would be super handy as I wouldn’t have to fish out my keys from my huge purse every time I come home! 😉

  2. I would like this so we have keyless entry for the kids

  3. I would love a smart lock as I dont care to admit how many times I have had to call a locksmith to open the door as I’ve locked the family out and it’s very pricey! (More than1 haha) This would be great!

  4. I have 5 kids and they are always…always ..misplacing their keys. I also have international students who come and go. It would be nice and easier to just give them all a code and be able to change that code when need be, not the whole lock.

  5. This would be used on the door to my she-shed because I always have to go back inside the house to find the key. I have been meaning to get a smart lock installed on the door out there for awhile now.

  6. This would would make me feel much safer in my home.

  7. I’d like this because it would help me feel safer in my home.

  8. I would love a smart lock because I think it would be so much easier for me!

  9. This would be handy to unlock the door with the app or with Google.

  10. My husband and I have been talking about buying a smart lock for our front door, so I would love to win one instead of buying one – the savings would be huge for us right now! Our middle-school aged daughter sometimes walks home from school/activities now, and if it’s unplanned she usually doesn’t have a key to get in the house. We’ve been able to problem solve with the help of our neighbours, but having a smart lock would give her direct access to our home which would be awesome!

  11. This would be great as my kids are getting older so they can come and go and not worry about losing their key

  12. The best use would be so our kids do not have to carry around a set of keys, but it would also come in handy in those situations where I would have accidentally locked myself out.

  13. Would be a cool upgrade, never had a lock with this tech.

  14. A great prize. It’s something that I wouldn’t buy for myself.

  15. No more keys!!

  16. I need this for my side door. I’m always losing my keys. Being disabled I use my cane in one hand, groceries in the other. I have no hands left to search for keys, to unlock the door or the strength to hold onto things forever.
    This would be a life saver

  17. I have locked myself out of my place more times than I would like to admit….so this would make my life so much easier!

  18. with the family hopefully soon going back to regular routines with work and activities would be so handy and for me would me feel safer!

  19. I think it would be handy not to have to carry the house keys.

  20. I would love to win this so I don’t have to worry about remembering to bring the house key with me and save time from always looking for my house key before leaving!

  21. Perfect for my kids! No lost keys!

  22. I still haven’t changed my front door lock even after I moved into my home. I’d love to have a new lock and I love that the Alfred has a touch screen pad! I can allow my family and in-laws a key free way to come in when they visit or drop things off

  23. I would love this for my children to use, I think it would be amazing for my son who has motor skills issues and locks can be tricky for him sometimes.

  24. i would love to win for extra security!

  25. I would like to win a smart lock because of the extra security and peace of mind it would bring me.

  26. I am sooo forgetful that I often misplace my keys and am late because I.have to search for them

  27. I would love a touchscreen deadbolt to put in the new door we are planning to replace our old one with.

  28. I’d love this lock because so often when I get a key cut it isn’t a perfect fit. I have to fumble with the key till the tumbler turns and the door unlocks.

  29. I’d love this because I have arthritis and my husband has MS. This would make our lives much easier. Also when I’m gardening outside, I often have very dirty hands. I would’t need to get my keys all dirty.

  30. perfect for my mom

  31. Feeling safe is invaluable.

  32. I would feel safer and if ever locked out without keys I could get back in.

  33. I would love to not have to have a key to lock and unlock my door.

  34. Perfect for kids.

  35. It would probably be a safer way to stay swcire.

  36. to feel safe

  37. I would love one of these so my wife will stop bugging me to buy one!

  38. Fewer keys on the keychain

  39. I would love to win this lock because I am always second guessing myself as to if I locked my door. Now, with this smart lock, I will have the comfort of knowing my home is locked.

  40. A smart lock would be so much easier than carrying keys around. It would also be great when we need someone to check the house when we are away as we can change the code if we need to if we change the folks checking the house.

  41. I would love a smart lock so the kids can get in after school without having to carry a key around with them. Also, I love the option to create temporary “keys” for people to check on your house when you are away!

  42. It would be great for my kids to not have to carry a key for the house.

  43. This would be great so I don’t have to worry if my kids forgot or lost their key.

  44. Safety first modern technology can be hard to learn for me but I’m trying, thank you for the giveaway.

  45. it would be good if i forgot my keys

  46. I would love to win this so I don’t have to worry about remembering to bring the key.

  47. Speed and convenience!

  48. I’d like this because it would help me feel safer in my home.

  49. My kids are always forgetting their keys so would love one of these so they don’t get locked out anymore.

  50. Doesn’t hurt to have extra security in your home. Push button makes things easier too.

  51. This would be so much better with all of our family members not having to carry keys!

  52. There have been a few break-ins in our area so this would help to make me feel much safer.

  53. This would be great to not have to carry keys.

  54. Would love a smart lock so I wouldnt have to be digging for my keys all the time. Thanks for the chance

  55. There has been multiple break ins in our neighborhood lately and this would make feel safer

  56. We live in the country and worry about getting locked out. It would really make me feel secure, and give me more peace of mind.

  57. the number of thefts is increasing. this would really help. thanks

  58. Having one would make us feel safer. Thank you.

  59. I’d love one as it would be more convenient for going in and out of the house instead of digging for keys

  60. This would be a great! I love that you can connect it to Alexa for hands free option. Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  61. I’m not sure where our keys are anymore.

  62. I love the extra sense of security and the options to go keyless. I am forgetful these days so being able to monitor or track our door activity from my phone would be so helpful.

  63. I’d love it for the extra security it would provide.

  64. I need this because my husband bought the August lock which is garbage since when it is low battery it will use the last bit to lock you out and not allow you to open it hence locking you out of the house and my husband refuses to take it out because we don’t have anything to replace it with that has a keypad. So I would love to have this so I won’t get locked out again it as it happened twice when I went to walk the dog and had to ring the doorbell frantically for him to remotely unlock the door since I also didn’t have my phone with me to unlock it via wifi.

  65. My hubby is OBSESSED with all of the awesome smart home stuff!

  66. Love the extra security this would provide.

  67. This lock would be really useful

  68. Thank you for the information, great addition to our first home.

  69. I’m always coming home with my arms full so it would be nice to have a smart lock to help without having to put my bags down to dig for my keys in my purse!

  70. It would be so much easier than using a key.

  71. I would love a smart lock so I don’t have to dig into my purse for the keys at night, and I don’t have to worry about losing my keys.

  72. I would love this for my forgetful preteen. We live rural so when he forgets the key there is no neighbor to go to

  73. This smart lock would come in very handy as I’m moving soon. I do not trust the door locks as they have had previous key holders to them.

  74. Id want this for security reasons.

  75. My door locks when you close it, so it would be nice to be able to get back in when I’ve left without my keys.

  76. I would love this smart lock to replace our current lock. It’s a coded lock but doesn’t have any smart features and it’s been acting up for a few months, not unlocking when we put the code in.

  77. Always wouldnt mind a little extra security!

  78. In this uncertain time, never too much (paranoid) to be more secured ! Thank you.

  79. I’d never have to worry about lost keys!

  80. I would love a touchscreen deadbolt because I am away from home for most of the day and care about keeping it safe! I also don’t have to worry about losing my keys!

  81. One less thing to bring with you, your keys.

  82. Would be great to lock the door and not have to worry about keys all the time.

  83. The smart lock would be so convenient and add an added level of security to my home. It would be a real time saver not having to look for my keys when my hands are full of groceries.

  84. Wonderful prize giveaway!

  85. This would provide such an amazing sense of security because I would use it on my phone to lock the door to keep my son who has special needs inside the house so he wouldn’t be able to bolt away. He has no awareness of his personal safety.

  86. I am always forgetting my key when I’m working out in the back yard and want to lock the front door.

  87. safety is of the utmost concern here.

  88. I would like to have this so I don’t have to worry about losing my keys.

  89. I NEED this Smart Lock! There have been constant B&E’s in houses and garages in my small town this past few years. Also general vehicle and yard thefts. It has gotten ridiculous. This Smart Lock would definitely be awesome to own! ♥

  90. It would be amazing to let people in to pick stuff up/ drop stuff off if I’m not home.

  91. great security

  92. This would nice for a big family

  93. We live in a new house and have issues with the lock freezing up. This would help to avoid that. Also easy to use with babysitters and other family members.

  94. love to win this, Hubby is always forgetting his house key. And also I have been nagging him to install one of these type of deadbolt.

  95. i would love this for added security

  96. this would be great esp when you have your kids and groceries/shopping bags when you’re at the door. much easier to do then look for your keys. also better to use so you’ll never have to say “i lost my keys”

  97. I have rheumatoid arthritis and some days I find it extremely painful to turn the key to unlock the door. This would be so great and much easier to use. It would also be cheaper in the long run cause I wouldn’t have to keep getting keys cut when my sons lose them.

  98. I would really appreciate having a smart home touchscreen deadbolt for many reasons but just for feeling safe and secure is my main concern. With many home invasions and theft on the rise this deadbolt would be ideal to help me feel safe.

  99. I really want to make my house a smart home and it would be a start

  100. I live in a condo building. This will definitely help with the safety and and convenience on not having to use and look for my keys all of the time.

  101. My family deserves to be safe.

  102. id love this cause there is a few of us in the house, and it would cut down on so many keys, and just give us all peace of mind better.

  103. This would be great to have wit out having to dig for keys and also for the kids..

  104. I would love not to have to worry about bringing my key when going on my daily walk. I lock myself out a few times, lucky my husband was home.

  105. I would like one because we are always going out and forgetting our keys.

  106. It would be so convenient

  107. I would LOVE this Alfred smart lock for our front door, so our daughter and grandson will have access to our home, without needing keys.

  108. I love the idea of letting my folks know the code to come in without keys!

  109. be much easier than fumbling with keys

  110. The existing lock we have now does not make me feel safe. This would be a great improvement! Thank you

  111. Our door lock we have has stopped working right after warranty had expired, and we had to go back to using keys. And of course everyone keeps losing keys. This would be ideal.

  112. I would love a smart lock for our door, because I have so many keys on my ring and in the summer, my keys don’t fit in my pocket when I take the dog for a walk or walk to the store. It would also be handy for when my bff comes over and I’m in the back yard. If she had her own code, it sure would be handy.

  113. Oops I think I put the wrong link for my tweet today it should read

  114. This is fantastic ,with three boys, tons of keys, this would be perfect!

  115. id like to just get out and not scamble for the keys in the dark no more and it would be so nice looking

  116. I think it’d be good to allow our 9 year old some independence without having to worry about him losing a key.

  117. I would like this so I could avoid having to use lock de-icer in the winter before I can get back into my home.

  118. This would be great for my condo as a lot of people walk by my door.

  119. There has been a recent rash of criminal activity around my neighborhood lately and we have been concerned about our security, we have now bought a Security Cam for our Parking lot and inside the house…This lock could be the answer to my front door issues

  120. I have a tendency to forget my keys.

  121. this lock would be so great for my family – i love that no key would be needed

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