Our May Book Picks {Homeschooling Edition}

The boys have been reading a lot of books lately, we have some quiet reading time every afternoon and our youngest is practising reading out loud daily as well. We use our books for homeschooling and I am grateful to have a library of encyclopedias and educational books for us to go through.

This week we received a preview of DK Books for May and I am sharing our picks below. I focused on getting educational books and different reading levels. I also got a math and computer coding book for my eldest. 

Our May Book Picks {Homeschooling edition}

Kids can take their first steps toward becoming expert computer programmers with this fully updated guide to coding for beginners.

They’ll master Scratch 3.0, the brand-new version of the world’s most popular coding language for beginners. This will let them discover what makes a computer work while learning how to build their own computer programs and games.

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Our 9-year-old has been learning Scratch and coding, and he loves this book. The perfect guide for beginners.

Help Your Kids with Math shows parents how to work with their kids to solve math problems step-by-step. Using pictures, diagrams, and easy-to-follow instructions and examples to cover all the important areas – covering everything from basic numeracy to more challenging subjects like statistics, trigonometry, and algebra – you’ll learn to approach even the most complex math problems with confidence. This visual math guide has been updated and includes the latest changes to the school curriculum and with additional content on roman numerals, time, fractions, and times tables. It also includes a glossary of key math terms and symbols.

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Now that we are doing online school and homeschooling, I find myself helping my eldest with math all the time. He often has questions about math problems and subjects I have not used for years, so I find myself needing a quick refresher. I got this book to help me just with that. There are some changes to school curriculum and some things that have changed since I was in school, so this book has been very helpful when I want a quick refresher of how things are being taught nowadays. 

Our May Book Picks {Homeschooling edition}

Take a walk on the wild side in Jungle Animals.

Look up, look down, and look out for the colourful birds, the gentle giants, and the big cats in the jungles of the world. See how orangutans swing through the jungle and how tigers leap out of the grass after their prey. Filled with stunning photography of the jungle’s most amazing creatures, Jungle Animals takes readers inside the wild to see animals in their natural habitats.

Perfect for 3-5 year olds learning to read, Level 1 titles contain short, simple sentences with an emphasis on frequently used words. Crisp photographic images with labels provide visual clues to introduce and reinforce vocabulary.

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Our May Book Picks {Homeschooling edition}

These fantastic retellings feature great stories from mythology about terrifying dragons and monsters, magical winged animals, the undead, gods and goddesses, and shapeshifters.

Mythical Beasts is a new title in the exciting and engaging four-level DK Readers series. Developing a lifelong love of reading, DK Readers cover a vast range of fascinating subjects featuring DK’s stunning photography, to support children as they learn to read.

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Our May Book Picks {Homeschooling edition}

How did dinosaurs live, and how are they found by humans thousands of years later? Every dinosaur bone has a story to tell and archaeologists know just how to read them. Learn how dino experts dig for prehistoric creatures and marvel at what they unearth.

Dinosaurs Discovered is a new book in the exciting and engaging four-level DK Readers series. Developing a lifelong love of reading, DK Readers cover a vast range of fascinating subjects featuring DK’s stunning photography, to support children as they learn to read.

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Learn all about civil rights-what they are, and why they’re important. This book covers the history of civil rights in the US, including slavery and the abolition of slavery, and segregation. It discusses the momentous Civil Rights Movement, from sit-ins and protests, to marches and inspirational speeches, to legislation for equality. There’s also information about modern-day issues, and how children can use their voices to become activists in their own communities.

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From world leaders to explorers to writers, artists, and performers, discover more than 40 women who changed the world and celebrate them this Women’s History Month with this Level 4 DK Reader.

Amazing Women will build reading skills while teaching vocabulary and telling the stories of influential women like Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart, and Marie Curie, and highlighting important historical moments in women’s history, like the Women’s Rights Convention in Seneca Falls. Approaching human rights and gender equality from an age-appropriate angle, this book is a sure way to get kids dreaming about what they can achieve.

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We use the DK Reader books when practising reading. The topics are all educational and they learn so much while they practice reading. I love that these books all have different reading levels, the L1 is great for our youngest as he is starting to read on his own. The next levels are perfect for my oldest, and I often read them out loud to the boys to them ask comprehension questions. The DK Reader books are a great collection for little readers.

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with DK Canada. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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  1. My daughter would love the Jungle Animals book

  2. These are all great titles! I love reading and my granddaughter reads to me daily through video chat. So fun!

  3. Mythical Beasts really fascinates me

  4. My son would love Mythical Beasts

  5. A great selection of books. My grandson would really enjoy Dinosaurs Discovered.

  6. Great books for teaching at home, I like The story of civil rights.

  7. The Mythical Beasts looks like a lot of fun.

  8. My son loves dk books, especially all the animal ones. They are so beautifully done, I love them too.

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