Anti-Gravity Case for iPhone {Review & Giveaway}

anti-gravity iphone case

The Anti-Gravity Case from Mega Tiny Corporation is the world’s first nano-suction phone case that sticks to most smooth, flat surfaces without being sticky. Funded through Kickstarted this attention-grabing case sticks to mirrors, windows, kitchen cabinets, whiteboards, tile, metal and more.

My husband and I have been using Anti-Gravity cases for our iPhones and we both LOVE them.

The backside of the case has a soft foam-like feel that sticks to surfaces without feeling sticky when you touch it. The case has stuck to most surfaces I have tried and having the ability to get it to stick to flat surfaces comes in handy many times during the day.

I have found so many ways to use the case! While cooking I like sticking my phone to the kitchen cabinet to read the recipe, I stick my phone to the mirror in the mornings when watching hair/make-up tutorials, and the case even makes taking selfies easier, I can now take photos of the kids and I hands-free and without the need of a selfie-stick!


I also use the case to attach my phone to the interior of my car when driving and using my phone as a GPS, so very handy and easy to use.

Note that at the very beginning the case felt a bit sticky to the touch but the feeling subsided and after a day or so of use it felt just like any other rubbery case. I don’t usually have issues with dust or lint sticking to it but if they do you can simply clean the case with a wet wipe and it is back to normal.

Here’s their official video showing some other uses:

Main Features:

  • Sticks to glass, mirrors, whiteboards, metal, kitchen cabinets or tile, car GPS, and most smooth, flat surfaces!
  • Works perfectly with all phone functions including GPS, Wifi, Apple Pay, 4G, NFC, Bluetooth.
  • Simple-press buttons allow you to feel the click and large openings for cable and charger ports
  • The case is supported by the world famous Mega Tiny Corp “NO BS” Mega Warranty.

You can visit the Mega Tiny Corp website for more information on the case and to purchase one HERE. Cases are available in white and black and for iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 5/5s  and Galaxy S6/Edge: ($39.99 -$49.99).


Win it: Mega Tiny Corp is offering 5 lucky CAN/US readers the chance to WIN an Anti-Gravity case for their device (a choice of iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 5/5s  and Galaxy S6/Edge).  One grand prize winner will also receive a $25 Amazon gift card.  Enter the giveaway via Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

I was gifted product for review consideration, this is however not a paid post and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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65 responses to “Anti-Gravity Case for iPhone {Review & Giveaway}”

  1. I would use for anything. I am forever putting my phone down and forgetting where it is. This seems like a really neat and cool idea 🙂

  2. I would use it the most in the car 🙂

  3. Selfies I travel alone alot !

  4. Mostly for grocery lists or recipes while cooking.

  5. I would use it everywhere.

  6. while reading magazines and websites – I’d stick it to my knee while lounging.

  7. while cooking or taking a selfie

  8. In the car and in the house.

  9. This case is amazing. I would use it will I am cooking so I can have my phone up off the counter where it is constantly getting covered with flour etc. I would stick it on my cabinet.

  10. I would use it most in the kitchen for recipes, so much handier to have it at eye level.

  11. I’d love to gift this to my younger sister! I’m sure she’d use it in the car…..

  12. I would mostly use it when I was baking.

  13. Recipes in the kitchen!

  14. To keep my phone from getting dirty or wet in the kitchen.

  15. I would use it when cooking a huge meal.

  16. it would come in so handy when i am cooking in the kitchen

  17. Definitely cooking 🙂 I so often cook off of recipes I screenshot on my phone. Fantastic giveaway!

  18. This is just what I need – I hang my phone on the wall which would mean that my son wouldn’t have to call my phone so often so that I can then find where I left it 🙂

  19. would use anywhere but especially in the kitchen while cooking

  20. I would use it in the kitchen as I cook with a recipe.

  21. In the kitchen while baking i would use it the most.

  22. I would use it to read or use for cooking! 😀

  23. I would use it in the car the most for directions when we are traveling!

  24. When i am out shopping

  25. I think this would be great to use when cooking!

  26. I would use this in the kitchen while cooking for my family or in the laundry room

  27. I would use it in the kitchen when cooking.

  28. I would use it in the kitchen so it would not get dirty or wet.

  29. I would lovd this in thd kitchen. I often knock my phone off thd counter. This would br grest to keep it in place.

  30. I would give it to my husband and he would use it while working 🙂

  31. Definally when cooking and following recipes 🙂

  32. It’d be a toss up between a GPS in the car, and for recipes in the kitchen.

  33. I would use it in the car.

  34. I would use the case in the kitchen while cooking, I spend a lof of time in there and i love surfing for recipes on my phone.

  35. I want to win this for my sweet sister who has dropped so many iphones and never has free hands but still attempts to use her phone. This would be perfect for her.

  36. I’d it in the kitchen while cooking

  37. This is so cool, I’ve never heard of this kind of case before!

  38. Probably in the kitchen while I’m cooking or cleaning up!

  39. Hands free tv show watching 🙂

  40. in the kitchen

  41. This be great for use in the kitchen.

  42. I’d use it to keep it up and out of tiny hands during the day, so that I won’t lose it a thousand times a day and find it cracked under my couch…which has happened twice in the past 3 months 🙁

  43. It would be a big help in the kitchen for sure!

  44. Ok, wayyyy too cool! I’d probably use it most in the kitchen for cooking or listening to music etc.

  45. How amazing is this, this is a gift it forward to my oldest son, he could get alot of use

  46. I would use it for recipes while cooking/baking!

  47. I’d use it in the car for google maps

  48. I would use it for when I use my gps on my phone

  49. For watching youtube videos without holding the phone up!

  50. I would definitely give to my mom for her phone in the kitchen.

  51. I would use it in the kitchen, so that i would not have to pick up my phone to answer

  52. I’d use it for cooking and looking up recipes!

  53. In the kitchen – my recipes on Pinterest!!

  54. i would stick it to our bathroom mirror for when i do my daughters hair

  55. I think I’d use it most in the kitchen for reading recipes.

  56. would use it at work ,home and vacation

  57. I am deaf and I speak in America Sign Language. You realized how much this would benefit us?! We always struggled trying to communicate with one hand when we really use two. This would be great for Deaf/HOH and people who speak in American Sign Language!

  58. I definitely feel the exact same need as Sammi mentioned above me. I’m Deaf as well and have found frustrations often having to put my phone on the table or holding it in my hands while signing to my other friends who use sign language. This invention is awesome.

  59. in home

  60. At home

  61. I would use it mostly around the house.

  62. I’d stick it to the cupboards while cooking & baking! How awesome would this be?! Thanks!

  63. To use in the car for GPS

  64. This would be great to look at a recipe in the kitchen while I’m cooking

  65. I would use it the most in the car for GPS

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