BABYBJORN Bouncer Mini {Giveaway}

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I clearly remember those first days after our first son was born. We were brand new parents learning how to take care of our first baby and hoping to get at least a few hours of sleep in a row. Those first days as new parents were both magical and exhausting, especially since our son loved being held at all times and he used to only fall asleep as we rocked or bounced him!

A few weeks after our son was born we decided to try using a bouncer, he immediately loved it and we were all able to get more rest. Bouncers are definitively great for safely holding babies and soothing them at the same time. They give your back and arms a little break and provide invaluable help in those early weeks.


The new BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Mini is a great option when looking for a bouncer to use with a young baby. The Mini can be used from newborn – up to 6 months and has been designed to provide proper support for a very young baby’s neck and back, extremely important for newborns.

This new bouncer requires no batteries and it features two positions, one for playtime and one that’s great for baby’s nap time. The Bouncer Mini is powered by your baby and it allows him to learn to soothe himself and to train motor skills and balance.

Having a removable and washable fabric is extremely important when looking for a bouncer, the Mini features washable/removable fabric that has been tested and approved in accordance with Oeko-Tex ® Standard 100 Class I and is free from health-hazardous substances and allergens.

Finally, the BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Mini is lightweight and can be easily transported, you can also detach the bouncer’s legs and store flat, when it’s not in use or for storage, making it a very convenient and easy to use bouncer.

If you are a new parent I highly recommend the BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Mini, a must product to add to your baby-shower wish list. You will be very grateful to have the extra help when you need it the most!

mini bouncer


Win it:  One very lucky Canadian reader will win a BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Mini in their choice of Pink or Silver ($159.99 value). Enter to WIN via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck all!
Disclosure: I attended the launch of the BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Mini in Vancouver and received a free gift, however all views and opinions on this post are 100% my own.

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