ATTITUDE: Introducing their New Line for Sensitive Skin {Giveaway}

My youngest son has suffered from eczema since he was born and my eldest has very delicate skin, so I am very picky about the skin care and household products I use at home. In my never-ending quest to avoid exposing my family to unnecessary toxins, I am often searching for great products that work and contain natural ingredients.

Enter the new line of ATTITUDE products. A certified product line with approximately thirty skin care and household products specifically designed to meet the daily needs of people with sensitive, atopic and dry skin. The new ATTITUDE collection is certified by the National Eczema Association, enriched with colloidal oatmeal, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and clinically tested by dermatologists. 

I recently received a package with ATTITUDE samples to try the products at home, and I love that the products are fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, non-irritant and composed of worry-free ingredients. All of the products in the line contain up to 3% of colloidal oatmeal extracts, known for its soothing properties and used for effective treatment of eczema flares ups.


The ATTITUDE Solution for Sensitive Skin for Baby line features six household products, nine skincare products, and a sunscreen. We got to try their 2 in 1 baby shampoo, and body wash, the baby deep repair cream, the natural protective ointment and the baby wipes.

I love that the line works together to moisturize and protect skin. My little one’s skin is soft and hydrated after his baths, and I love using the water-repellent protective ointment whenever he develops any rash. The repair cream provides intensive hydration, and it helps relieve itching. I’ve noticed less eczema flare ups already and softer smoother skin after a few days of daily use.

The 100% biodegradable baby wipes are hypoallergenic and perfect for sensitive skin. Again, they contain worry-free ingredients, and they are enriched with colloidal oatmeal.


The Household and Family Skin Care line is composed of six household products, eight skincare products and a sunscreen Including: a soothing shampoo to treat dry scalps; a foaming hand wash; a shower gel; a moisturizing body cream; a water-repellent protective ointment; household products for the bathroom, kitchen and windows; a laundry detergent; and several other gentle and worry-free products.

We got to try a few of their products including their natural dishwashing liquid and natural laundry detergent. I don’t wear gloves while watching dishes and often dishwashing liquid soap irritates my skin, not anymore with ATTITUDE. I love that the soap is gentle and hypoallergenic and it contains no VOC.

We also tried the natural washing detergent, and it has been great. I love not having to worry about clothes irritating my little one’s skin, and it doesn’t have any strong fragrance or enzymes. All while keeping my clothes fresh and clean.

Finally, both their hand cream and moisturizing body cream have been used lots by my husband and I. They have been perfect for the winter when our skin is often dry and in need of some moisture.

If you are looking for a line of products for your family and you want to avoid fragrances and strong chemicals, then I recommend you check out the new ATTITUDE products. In Canada, their sensitive skincare products are available for purchase at several retailers, including baby stores, natural foods stores, and pharmacies. In Ontario, products are available at Metro and at Terra20, and on for all Canadian provinces and territories. You can also order products online by visiting:


Win it: One Canadian reader will win a gift basket with all six products from the ATTITUDE Solution for Sensitive Skin family collection (valued at $100)
  • Natural Body Wash
  • Natural Protective Ointment
  • Natural Soothing Body Cream/Daily Moisturizer
  • Natural Hand Repair Cream
  • Natural Laundry Detergent
  • Natural Dishwashing Liquid

Enter to WIN below via Rafflecopter. Good Luck all!

This is a partnered post with ATTITUDE. A product sample and/or compensation has been received for this review, and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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  1. My hands are like sandpaper in the winter – it’s terrible! And my son suffers from eczema on his hands and very dry legs. We LOVE Attitude lotion and use it regularly!

  2. oh yes! my daughter and myself both do! especially in the dry winter months!

  3. Yes, I do. Especially now! Would love to try out your products!

  4. We do! So hard to find products that work for us!

  5. I do have dry skin. My children have the same issue.

  6. I have very dry skin in the winter!

  7. I suffer from dry skin, especially in the winter. And once it gets dry it gets so sensitive.

  8. Yes there are a couple of us who do suffer from dry skin, myself included!

  9. I have terrible dry skin. My whole family does.

  10. I suffer from dry skin particularly in the winter. Would love to give these products a try!

  11. My daughter suffers from terrible dry skin.

  12. My daughter has dry skin and I also have dry skin.

  13. I have really dry skin.

  14. My family suffers from dry skin because we have hard water and we have to watch what we put on our skin.

  15. My husband has dry skin and is always using lotion. Our daughter has mostly out-grown her eczema but gets a patch/flare up occasionally and uses specialized body wash and lotions for her skin, too.

  16. I have terribly dry skin.

  17. I do every winter.The dryness really does a job on my skin.

  18. My whole family has dry skin, especially in the winter!

  19. Yes , I have really dry skin

  20. My skin gets extremely dry especially in the winter.

  21. Yes my oldest son and myself both suffer from dry skin. He also has eczema.

  22. Thank you for the giveaway!

  23. I do. My heels, elbows and fingers are the major culprits especially in winter.

  24. Yes, I do have dry skin.

  25. i do .. my whole body especially my legs and hands feel like sandpaper and it is hard to find something that doesn’t make you feel like you are now glued to your clothes

  26. Yes, I have super dry skin now especially with the indoor heaters on! I need to try these products!

  27. I suffer from dry and sensitive skin just like you Angela V!

  28. I do have dry skin in the winter and can’t wait to try these products.

  29. My oldest son suffers from dry skin and with this harsh winter this year it has been a really rough time for him.

  30. I have combination skin, so certain areas are often dry.

  31. I have dry skin to the point of it cracking. 🙁 I’d like to try these products!

  32. I suffer from really dry skin, especially in the winter.

  33. We all suffer from dry skin especially this winter. I find my feet itch because they are so dry

  34. Yes, my skin is horrible during the winter months and would love to try these products.

  35. Both hubby and myself suffer from dry itchy skin!

  36. My 76 yr old Dad, has a few issues with scalp and dry skin.

  37. my hands are terribly dry

  38. I have terrible dry sine and so does my daughter ! This would be great to try !

  39. Yes. My son does. He is 8!

  40. My daughters and I all have sensitive skin

  41. My whole family suffers from dry skin, especially in winter!

  42. My child has extremely sensitivie skin.

  43. I have dry skin in winter (i walk to and from work and live in northern Ontario, which doesn’t help). Plus I’m sensitive. So woe is me, basically.

  44. I have dry skin at times. and my cousin has insanely dry skin. That’s the driest i’ve ever seen

  45. Yes, me. And I’ve passed it to the kids. 🙂

  46. My whole family suffers from sensetive skin – it gets SO dry, especially in winter!

  47. Oh yeah – I look like I’m peeling from a sunburn year round!

  48. yes i do

  49. yes my face especialy gets so chapped in the winter

  50. I suffer from dried skin – this winter has been especially dry.

  51. Yes, very dry skin especially in the winter time

  52. I suffer from dry skin, especially in the winter.

  53. My skin is super dry,my medications and the winter air make my skin dry and flaky,I can never seem to find a product that helps.

  54. I get really dry itchy skin. So do most of the family.

  55. I sometimes get dry skin as a side effect of my medication, even more so during winter.

  56. Hubby and I both suffer from dry skin but his is becoming worse as he gets older, I am not sure why.

  57. Dry skin has been the bane of my existence since time immemorial! Winters only worsen my skin’s condition.

  58. i have dry and very sensative skin

  59. I am the one in our household who suffers from dry skin

  60. Yes, I have very dry skin and use a lot of moisturizing products.

  61. I have dry skin so am always interested in new products for it.

  62. my daughter and I have dry skin, terrible during winter. Husband has sensitive skin, so we’d love theses products in our home!

  63. My skin gets dry in winter

  64. I get cracked and extremely dry skin on my hands and feet. Especially because I wash my hands a lot.

  65. I love it

  66. I have dry skin and one of my daughters does as well.

  67. I have dry skin and so does my granddaughter

  68. Yes dry skin does run in the family

  69. Both myself and my grandson suffer with dry skin especially in the winter.

  70. I have problem dry skin.

  71. I suffer from dry skin my hands even bleed and has cracks in the fingers.
    Would love to snag this useful swag for my family too.

  72. Both my sons and I all suffer from dry skin so that would be amazing!

  73. My daughter has dry and sensitive skin.

  74. I suffer from dry skin during the winter.

  75. yes my husband suffers terribly from dry skin

  76. I find my skin gets drier during the winter.

  77. I have sensitive skin

  78. My daughter has very dry skin!

  79. I have eczema and live in a really dry area so this would be great!

  80. I have both dry skin and ezcema it’s horrible

  81. My skin can get quite dry in the colder months

  82. My skin is so dry! I have to moisturise 3 times a day to stop my skin from getting dry patches.

  83. Yes I suufer from dry skin as well as other family members too.

  84. Our family all suffers from dry skin in different ways – my daughter has exzema, my hubby has dry cracked heels, and I have dry skin all over!

  85. My kids get really dry skin, especially in the winter. Mine can get very dry at times too if I don’t take care of it

  86. I sure do it’s so raw and itches to the point I want to scream n my heals are so cracked its like the grand canyon would love to try this

  87. I suffer from dry skin.

  88. I suffer from sensitive skin. Sometimes it’s dry, sometimes I get hives.

  89. I suffer from dry skin

  90. I suffer from dry skin and eczema as well as a few other members of my family so this prize would be an incredible addition to my/our skincare routine! Thanks for the opportunity. 🙂

  91. I have very dry and sensitive skin, especially in the winter.

  92. My whole family has dry skin so we lotion all the time

  93. Everyone in my family.

  94. I get dry skin in the wintertime.

  95. Yes, I do suffer from dry skin, particularly in the winter.

  96. my son does on his face, and i do during the winter.

  97. My son and I suffer from dry skin.

  98. Yes, I suffer from dry skin, and so does my older daughter. My husband gets it just in the winter.

  99. yes both of my sons do suffer from dry skin badly

  100. The backs of my hands get incredibly dry in winter and sometimes bleed, my little guy has skin issues year-round. I would love to win and try these products out! Fingers crossed!

  101. Thanks so much for this opportunity to win this sensitive skin line. After having malignant melanoma several years ago, along with other skin cancers, I am more conscious of the products that I use on my skin and for what purpose that they are intended for.

  102. yes

  103. My family and I all have dry skin as we suffer through the harsh Winnipeg weather.

  104. Yes we suffer from dry skin in my family

  105. This winter has been hard on our skin.

  106. Myself and I my daughter suffer from dry skin.

  107. Yes, my son has dry and sensitive skin.

  108. My children and I all have dry skin! My son hates when I slather him in moisturizer, but we have now compromised … as long as I warm it up in my hands first, he’ll tolerate it!

  109. My daughter does; she developed eczema this year and we’ve been trying everything! I’m finding I’m also having trouble this winter, more than usual. We’d love to give this brand a try.

  110. Yes, winter dry sky. I will give this a try, not having much luck having anything work . Thanks

  111. Yes, especially in winter and we all have sensitive skin.

  112. This time of year we are all suffering from dry flaky skin

  113. yes i have dry skin just the past few years but other members of the family have suffered through it for years thanks!

  114. Yes! Three of my children have very dry, sensitive skin. Especially in winter!

  115. I do, my children do and my garnaddaughters both do!

  116. I have very dry skin, especially in the winter.

  117. Several of us in my household suffer from dry skin

  118. The Natural Dishwashing Liquid is especially intriguing as I haven’t seen anything like this before. Every one of us in this house reacts to something, be it bubble bath, soap, laundry detergent ….

  119. Both my son and I have very dry skin.

  120. I have very dry skin.

  121. I have sensitive skin mostly in winter or during the hotter days of summer. My husband and younger kids also have dry sensitive skin and allergies.

  122. I have sensitive skin, my 9 year old has extremely dry skin, and my 6 and 8 year olds both suffer eczema with my 6 year old having it the worst.

  123. I have dry and sensitive skin.

  124. Both my daughters and me suffer from dry as well as sensitive skin. Would love to try this line. Thanks.

  125. I have very dry hands and some exzema.

  126. I suffer from extremely dry skin and bouts of eczema

  127. My husband and i both suffer from dry skin, especially in the winter.

  128. my youngest son as well as myself suffer from dry skin.

  129. I do have very dry skin and in the winter I get eczema.I need sensitiver skin care products to keep my skin hydrated and without irritating it.

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