Fun and Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas {Giveaway}

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I am excited to share some fun and unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas with you. Isn’t Valentine’s Day the best? I love shopping for my love.

All of our picks below are available at Hallmark Canada.

  1. Apple Paperweight $24.95 – The perfect addition to an office or desk space, a lovely metallic gold apple paperweight.
  2. Lightbulb Bottle Stopper $12.95 – This cute bottle stopper features an adorable miniature light bulb set with a heart-shaped filament, seriously adorable.
  3. Colour-Block Cork Journal $16.95 – The gold wire accents, pen loop, and gold foil make it a fun and trendy journal to gift and to receive.
  4. Cork Coasters $24.95 – Because you can’t ever have too many coasters. Mine keep disappearing for some reason! Perfect to protect your love’s furniture.
  5. Marbled Wristlet Purse $19.95 – An adorable wristlet purse with a useful gold bangle bracelet strap that is perfect for date night.


Win it: One lucky Canadian reader will win a couple of Cheers to Us wine glasses and a box of Emoji Valentine cards from Hallmark. Perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day. Enter to WIN via Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Hallmark Canada. A product sample and/or compensation has been received for this review and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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38 responses to “Fun and Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas {Giveaway}”

  1. Yes, we celebrate Valentine’s Day! It’s a LOOOOOOONG story, but Valentine’s Day is how my husband and I first “met” 11 years ago after knowing each other for 2 years for work purposes through phone calls and emails!

  2. We celebrate valentines day! We usually make ravioli for supper and then watch movies while sharing a few boxes of chocolates. We pretty much keep to the same routine every year with tiny little changes here and there.

  3. Yes we do celebrate Valentine’s day. My husband usually buys me roses and we have a special dinner at home.

  4. We do not celebrate Valentines Day. We will spend Valentines Day this year as a family doing what we love to do. In the the hockey arena watching our kids play

  5. Yes, my hubby and I celebrate Valentine’s Day every year.

  6. Yes, we celebrate Valentines as a family.

  7. Not really, but I do take advantage of all the candy :0

  8. I don’t really celebrate Valentines Day, but do love the chocolate that comes with the day 🙂

  9. We celebrate Valentine’s day as a family with the kids, which is usually a movie and dinner picnic on our livingroom floor.

  10. We do not really celebrate Valentine’s Day, but have thought maybe this year we should!

  11. We do buy each other a card and sometimes go out to dinner

  12. the hubby will be away so i will order take out and watch a movie snuggled with pups

  13. I don’t celebrate , I’m single. But would love too.

  14. I usually keep it simple; go out for a meal and some small gifts!

  15. Yes, we celebrate Valentine’s Day!

  16. Nope, I do not but the kids take valentine’s cards to hand out to their classmates at school.

  17. We celebrate Valentine’s day making crafts and spending quality time.

  18. I celebrate with cards to family members.

  19. We do celebrate, but we don’t go crazy with it. Just a nice dinner out for my hubby and I is the extent of our celebration.

  20. Yes, though we usually go out for dinner the day after.

  21. Yes, we do celebrate!

  22. Yes, I do celebrate Valentines Day, I like to go out for dinner

  23. yes, we celebrate Valentine’s day.

    The day of chocolates and funny cards.
    It would be nice to snag these great swag
    for my family to share.

  24. Yes. We don’t go over the top but we do go out for dinner or do something. That is why we have been married going on 38Yrs this Sept. and I still love the old fart. LOL

  25. 1Yes, we have great fun preparing cards for the boys classmates and when they come home with theirs, we read them all. Such fun – part of the celebrations!

  26. We do celebrate but I really don’t believe in it because you should show your love everyday

  27. Yes, we celebrate Valentine’s Day. We usually like to go out for dinner.

  28. Yes we celebrate it by calling it LOVE DAY!!!! we say this is an extra special day to show others that you love them!!

  29. I have no valentine but celebrate with my grade 3 class by eating chocolates and treats, sending valentines and having a good day!

  30. Yes we do but we keep it simple. Maybe a nice dinner at home with a bottle of nice wine or bubbly!

  31. We don’t celebrate too much, but do give cards, and have a Valentine’s dinner at home.

  32. My husband is working so not much!

  33. We do! But we mostly celebrate my sons birthday ???? He’s a Valentine’s Day baby!

  34. Movie night in!

  35. I will be celebrating valentines day with my kids

  36. Yes, we celebrate Valentines Day

  37. We don’t consistently celebrate Valentines Day. It depends what we have going on. This year we will celebrate though! Yay!

  38. We don’t celebrate it really, but we make it a point to spend time together. Sometimes we go on a date, just so we don’t’ forget what that is haha

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