ConceiveEasy TTC Kit System {$152 Value Giveaway}


I am excited to be partnering with ConceiveEasy to offer my readers a fantastic giveaway for women struggling to conceive or wanting to get pregnant faster.  If you or somebody you know is trying to conceive naturally then be sure to keep on reading!

ConceiveEasy is a 100% drug-free all-in-one fertility treatment that is safe and has no side effects. It is also affordable and effective.  The ConceiveEasy TTC Kit System helps treat the 7 most common reasons of infertility, including: hormonal imbalances, progesterone deficiency, poor quality cervical mucus, ovulatory dysfunction, high FSH levels, luteal phase defect and irregular cycles.

ConceiveEasy is a natural aid that boosts the body’s fertility level by stimulating ovulation.  The kit assists women in increasing their fertility rate in just 28 days with no unpleasant side effects or dangerous fertility drugs. ConceiveEasy also  provides information on how to get pregnant and those with questions can speak with a specialist before making their purchase.

Something that I like about them is that they are a proud supporter of breast cancer research and they donate $1 of each kit sold to benefit the fight against breast cancer. Fantastic!

If you want to learn more about ConceiveEasy you can reach them toll-free by phone at 1-888-363-9222, or via email with the convenient form on the website. For more information, visit their website at


Buy it:  Visit ConceiveEasy to purchase your TTC Kit. Try it FREE for 30 days!

Win it:One lucky reader from the US/CAN will win a ConceiveEasy TTC Kit System Months 1&2 Starter Pack and can also choose to customize their TTC Kit with one of the following exclusive bonus gifts: –Bonus gift #1: 20 Early Result Pregnancy Tests, Bonus gift #2: 20 One-Step Ovulation Tests, Bonus gift #3: 10 Pregnancy & 10 Ovulation Tests (a $152 value).

Enter to win via Rafflecopter below.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored giveaway. All opinions in this post are my own. 

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75 responses to “ConceiveEasy TTC Kit System {$152 Value Giveaway}”

  1. We aren’t TTC yet but will be trying very soon. And my two boys really, really want a sister.

  2. We have been trying now for over a year. Its becoming difficult for us. I could use this for sure.

  3. It’s for my sister and they have been TTC for at least a year

  4. We will be TTCing next month for the first time.

  5. It isn’t for me, but if I won I’d give it to my aunt who has been ttc for about 9 years.

  6. Been trying for 6 months now.

  7. 7 monthes……

  8. Haven’t started quite yet. I am tracking my ovulation for the Shettle’s Method. We plan to try in August or September.

  9. About 1.5 years.

  10. For a little over 6 months.

  11. We will be trying again soon!

  12. I would give this to my friend who has been TTC for some time now. She has been an amazing friend to me, so I would love to be able to give her to show my love and appreciation.

  13. We have been TTC for almost 3 years.

  14. We have been trying for going on 3 years since we lost our last baby girl at 30 wks.

  15. been trying for 1 year and 2 months

  16. This is for my bro and wife – it’s been a long time that they’ve been trying.

  17. My husband and I have been TTC off and on for about 6 years. We have a daughter through adoption, and another daughter due through adoption as well but we would really like to have the pregnancy experience as well

  18. For about 1.5 years. Thanks.

  19. This is for my brother and sister in law and they’ve been trying awhile.

  20. We have been TTC for 2 years with 3 losses

  21. We will be trying again soon.

  22. been trying for 14 months

  23. Just starting again!!!!

  24. We’ll be trying soon!

  25. We have been trying to conceive for 5 years in September

  26. on and off for 3 years now but we recently got married and is anxious to expand the family!

  27. We have been TTC for the last 6 months. Thanks!

  28. Hoping to begin this adventure soon!

  29. I have been trying for a year – this would be so helpful since we have had a few issues!!

  30. not tried yet…

  31. We have been trying for over a year now

  32. I have been trying for almost 2 yrs. I have tried other tests and they didn’t work. I am skeptical about this one too, but am willing to try.

  33. We haven’t started trying for number 3 but I told DH, it has to be before I turn 41. With DD1 it took 6 months, with DD2 it took 10 months. I will be 40 this year and I’m worried that it may take even longer! This will be perfect to have a BFP sooner rather than later!

  34. 6 months

  35. It’s been 21 months that we have been trying to conceive…

  36. been TTC for a year

  37. We will be starting to try again in June 🙂

  38. Just a few months.

  39. We’re on month #1 with baby #3.

  40. I will start to try soon

  41. Almost a year.

  42. Two years with a recent loss. So it’s back to trying.

  43. We just started trying again.

  44. the kit would be for my friend

  45. I miscarried in December and have been trying ever since. About 5 months now.

  46. We haven’t been. My husband however would like to try fairly soon for a boy (we have 2 girls).

  47. I have been trying for last 3 month but have never tried this product

  48. We are at 6 months now…

  49. For our first it took about 3 years…We have only just begun trying for our second.

  50. This kit isn’t for me, its for a friend of the family…. she has tried for over 3 yrs to get Preg and when I saw this review, I read it and knew she would be so very thankful for this, so I entered the giveaway!!

  51. We just recently started TTC this would help out a lot with trying to pin point fertile days! I would love to win this I have tried subscribing by email but not sure if it went through or not.

  52. We just started trying for our second – here’s hoping it will be easier/quicker than the first time around! Thanks for the opportunity!

  53. too long… probably about 1 year and 7 monthes

  54. a few months now.

  55. We -just- found out we are expecting Baby #2 after 6 months of TTC and Fertility Treatments..I’d save this for the next time we are TTC or if we have a friend TTC in the mean time gift it to them 🙂

    bakergurl02 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  56. To be honest I would like to win this for my sister. She and her husband have been trying for about a year now to get pregnant and I think this would help them out alot.

  57. Good luck ladies 🙂
    I am praying after a BIG FAT NEGATIVE I am lucky enough to win

  58. For a friend & she has tried for about 2 years

  59. We tried for a year and I recently miscarried our twins, it’s been a month since, and We’ll be ready to ttc soon.

  60. We have been trying to conceive since 2008.

  61. This is for a friend!

  62. We are not TTC at the moment, but will be in the future. I would *love* to have this, to help.

  63. We have just recently started TTC and hope this kit will help us get pregnant faster! 🙂

  64. I have been trying for ten months.

  65. our first son was stillborn in January, so we are just about to start ttc as soon as hubby gets here from overseas…

  66. this is for a friend and shes been trying to concieve for a while now

  67. About 6 months

  68. We have been trying for 5 years now. Thank you for the chance to win.

  69. It’s been a few years now.

  70. Awesome giveaway, wish I knew about it sooner! I’ve been TTC for too long now. I’m planning to order my ConceiveEasy kit ASAP.

  71. TTC for 1 year

  72. for me having been trying for 5yrs now but my husband comes home once in a while he is a Canadian citizens am d only one that lives here live have bin boring without kids i wish my dreams could come true with TTC kit

  73. Your link to buy is for Americans only, can Canadians buy this?

  74. Hello I was was contacting because I see my card was charged for this kit and I already found out I’m pregnant and no longer need it and I would like to be refunded and have any future orders canceled


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